Friday , December 9 2022

Gov. Uduaghan ping pong guber candidate, Tony Obuh sets to decamp to SDP after primaries

Secrets Reporters

Unless there is victory for the stooge candidate of Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan of Delta State, Sir Anthony Obuh in the December 8th primaries, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) should expect a stiff competition from the SDP.

Dependable sources within the government house confided in Secrets Reporters that there is no green light for the governor and his candidate in Abuja, as he has been told to stay clear off the election and allow a popular candidate emerge. According to the source, Uduaghan was miffed when he was told during his visit to the Nation’s capital that petition has reached the Party Secretariat on plans by the leading guber aspirants to support the opposition if Uduaghan manipulates the delegate election.

The scenario which has put the governor under pressure has led to Obuh and his secret team planning defection to realize his ambition, using the State machinery to achieve that. When our reporter queried what will happen to Uduaghan anti party activities, which he has nursed for three months now; the answer was that Uduaghan will sacrifice Obuh to remain in the party, so as to avoid the anti graft agencies nabbing him for his looting of the State.

The Governor we gathered had earlier planned to decamp to the All Progressive Party (APC) but he was told to defect alongside the House of Assembly Speaker, Mr Peter Onwusanya and ten other members. Onwusanya however refused on the ground that they had already bought the PDP nomination forms and cannot trade it for the APC. But for the fear of losing the PDP primaries, the governor had already began plot of getting the lawmakers to also impeach Onwusanya, who has refused to play ball with him by supporting Obuh.

Barring any last minute change in plan, the defection to SDP will take place immediately after the PDP primaries.

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