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Over N7 Billion Contract Racketeering and Corruption Cases Uncovered in Lagos State Government

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A damning investigation into government contract awards in Lagos State has unearthed a web of corruption and malfeasance, suggesting a deeply entrenched system of favoritism and graft within the government’s procurement processes. The findings shed light on a troubling pattern of awarding lucrative contracts to newly established companies with questionable tax compliance histories, raising serious concerns about transparency and accountability in governance.

In June 2022, the Ministry of Science and Technology awarded a contract worth N4,860,000.00 for the provision of nine computer systems for technical staff (Lot 4) to Constance & Alex Services. Shockingly, investigations have revealed that Constance & Alex Services, registered on 07 Sep 2020, lacked the necessary three years of taxation records before being awarded the contract. This raises alarming questions about the due diligence exercised by the ministry in vetting contractors and the integrity of the procurement process.

Similarly, in June 2022, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Cooperatives awarded a contract worth N1, 850,000.00 for Pavilion Decoration at A-1 Week Staging of 7th Lagos State Msme Exclusive Fair to Tmz Event Planners. Findings showed that the company, which was registered on 31 Jan 2020, did not have up to three years of taxation before it was awarded the contract. This is against the state’s procurement law.

The most egregious case uncovered in this investigation involves a staggering N6,889,113,518.08 contract awarded by the Lagos State Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources. The contract for the design, build, operate, finance, and manage an independent power project for the State Blue Line Rail Project was granted to Lamp Turnkey Project Limited, registered on 30 Apr 2021. Like the previous instances, Lamp Turnkey Project Limited failed to demonstrate the requisite three years of tax compliance prior to being awarded the contract, raising serious doubts about the legitimacy of the procurement process and the motives behind the decision to award such a significant contract to a relatively inexperienced company.

The findings of this investigation paint a grim picture of rampant corruption and cronyism within the Lagos State government’s procurement practices. The arbitrary awarding of contracts to companies lacking the necessary qualifications and tax compliance records undermines the principles of fairness and transparency, squanders taxpayer funds, and deprives legitimate businesses of opportunities.

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