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Thursday, January 23, 2020


...No Place To Hide

Tired of the conventional media where names and places are withheld, with no one to hold responsible for the corruption raging Nigeria, Secret Reporters is floated as all citizen news driven online medium, committed to exposing government, corporate and private individuals corrupt practices in all sectors and system without minding whose ox is gored and holding them accountable to the tenets of international best practices. We are basically activists’ social media news hub, blowing the whistle to save the nation.

Since 2015, we have built our platform on the secrecy of sources, while maintaining honesty, trust, truth, fairness and objectivity in pursuit of this noble goal. Our fearless and timely exposition of intrigues of insider power play keeps us among top-notch of the game of ‘rebel’ journalism.

With God on our side and you as the whistleblower in our profession, this will be achieved. In the last line, we practice what we believe in and have absolute conviction in what we do.