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Godwin Akpan

“If we must get the best in life, we must spiritually, physically, mentally, technically, technologically, politically, socially, financially, economically and orally encourage people to do what they can do best; so long as what they can do best is to the glory of God and benefit of humanity”.

These were the exact words of Dr. Eapen Koshy, the world renowned Plastic/Cosmetic surgeon at the Ibom Multi Specialist Hospital ISH, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, when he was responding to questions from Godwin Akpan, Presenter, FOR THE LOVE OF NIGERIA, recently, following another successful surgery recorded at the hospital described as the best in Sub-Sahara Africa.

In an emotional laden tone, Dr. Koshy described the vision behind the ISH as a vision 50years ahead of its time, while noting that the greatest impact that could be created by anyone on planet, is providing medical succor to humanity, and according to him: “Godswill Akpabio has made tremendous impact on his generation with the establishment of ISH in Nigeria. This hospital has positioned Nigeria as a destination for Medical tourism, not only to the African continent but other continents of the world.”

In less than 14days, Dr. Koshy has restored hope to several families who hitherto were hopeless as a result of their medical conditions through his superior medical prowess. Their testimonies are endless.

Seventy-six year old clergyman, Pastor Ekerette Frank, who’s major activities has been in Europe and America, described the man behind the ISH as God’s gift to the people of Akwa Ibom, Nigeria and Africa, following a successful major operation he had.
Ekerette had multiple hernias and large abdomen. He had had four unsuccessful surgeries in London. He had doubted the possibility of ISH providing solutions to his aged-long ailment. “If prominent hospitals in London could not provide permanent solution to this problem, is it the hospitals in Nigeria that can do it?” He questioned!
He said he was encouraged to proceed with the operation when he went through the credentials of Dr. Koshy, and was satisfied with the modern facilities that are available at the hospital. “I was encouraged by the facilities here which of a truth, are superior to some of the hospitals I have visited in Europe. Of course, I also needed to know more about Dr. Koshy. His records in the medical world is quite outstanding. He is among the five best surgeons in the world. And to have such a man here in AKS where I come from is a thing of joy to me. I am sure in a short period of time, this hospital won’t contain people. With my medical problems now over, I can now engage my children and grandchildren in soccer whenever they come visiting.”

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Professor Nicholas Dousis who hails from Athens, Greece, was full of excitement few hours after undergoing a major surgical operation. Dousis suffered from severe back and chest pains as a result of his over-hanging abdomen resulting from obesity. He was obsessed and when he lost plenty of weight, his muscle could not function anymore, thereby resulting to a fallen abdomen.

He described the surgery performed at ISH as the best he has had. “This is the fourth surgery in my life, and I can tell you that this is the best. I have never experienced medical wonders like this before. I had three operations before, all in Europe; none of the operation could be compared to the operation conducted by Dr.Koshy here in Nigeria.

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“When I heard of ISH and was told that the surgeon here is Dr. Koshy, I decided to visit the hospital. I was amazed at the facilities when I was conducted round the hospital. I can tell you without doubt that this hospital is the best anywhere in Africa and can be compared to some of the very best anywhere in the world.


“Yes Dr. Koshy that I know has a great reputation in the medical field, but I wouldn’t risk my life if the facilities here were not world class. I could have done this operation in my country, Greece, but I decided to do it here because of the state-of-the-art facilities here and the medical team here are excellent professionals with great reputation. Nigerians and Africans should be thankful to Mr. Godswill Akpabio”.

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The testimony of Uwem Johnson Akpan, a Port Harcourt based Akwa Ibom born was not different, as sadness and sorrow, which has always been his constant companion, has been completely replaced with joy and happiness following his encounter with the Indian ‘magician’, Eapen Koshy.
Speaking with FOR THE LOVE OF NIGERIA, Uwem described Dr. Koshy as a ‘magician’ sent by God to serve humanity.
Uwem was billed to be flown to India for his surgical operation, but was constrained by finances. His marriage plans were postponed because according to him “I was ashamed of the embarrassing skin growth known as Large Bilateral Keloid. We had made plans to fly to India for the operation but my brother, no money. Money was my major setback. We were advised to visit the ISH since operations were ongoing. I was booked for operation and the operation was very successful. Look at me now, I am a brand-new man. We have fixed our wedding for February 2016. May God bless Sen. Akpabio for this gift to the people of Nigeria”.
It would be recalled that Dr. Eapen Koshy had given back life to a certain Mohamed Omar who is from Zanzibar during his time at the MIOT international hospital, India. Omar, who had represented his country at various football tournaments across Africa, was a victim of acid attack, and all hope of living was lost. The situation got worse after developing infections on the affected areas notably, his head and face.

Omar’s condition defiled all medical assistant provided in his local hospital until he was flown to India where he met with Dr. Koshy. He had a second chance to live when he had an encounter with this renowned Surgeon.
“My situation was getting hopeless each passing day, and all hope to live was diminishing. I spent almost all the fortunes I made playing football for my country, but no positive result was achieved. I was flown to India to meet with Dr. Koshy and that single encounter changed my stories. I will always be grateful to God for giving me a second chance to live through Eapen Koshy”.
Dr. Eapen Koshy reckoned that he has handled so many complicated cases in the past in his many years of practice. He ascribed his expertise to gift from God and God alone.

“I have done so many major complicated cases before. It’s a divine gift from God. Having practiced in India, Europe and America, I wanted a change of environment – I wanted to practice in Africa.

“I discovered the former governor, Mr. Godswill Akpabio was very serious about his vision of putting up the best facilities here in ISH. This was quite encouraging, and of course, without the quality of facilities we have here, all the successes we have recorded since we started full operations wouldn’t have been possible. We have so far succeeded as a team because everyone is committed to giving the best and nothing but the best”.
The Ibom Multi-Specialist Hospital has some of the best manpower deployed to run proceedings both in the medical and administrative setup.

Dr. Yemi Johnson is the hospital’s Medical Director, Dr. Eapen Koshy is the Chief Plastic surgeon,
Mr. Gregory John Viyani is the Executive Director while Mr. Paul Robin is the Chief Operating Officer ISH.
The ISH has over 150 medical experts who are readily available to handle any medical issue.
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