Monday , November 21 2022


Isma’il Auna

A prominent politician in Magama Local Government Area of Niger State has deliberately because of his selfish interest in the forth coming Local Government Councils elections tried to kill an uncle to his political boss.

Umaru Waziri who was picked from the streets of Ibeto town in Magama Local Government Area of Niger State by Former Deputy Governor of Niger State, Alhaji Ahmed Musa Ibeto spoke ruthlessly to an Uncle of the former Deputy Governor which led to the Uncle’s Heart attack.

Trouble began because the Umaru Waziri is trying to impose a Vice Chairman against the wish and aspirations of the electorates in Magama Local Government. This same Umaru Waziri is not only a boy to Ahmed Musa Ibeto whose uncle he tried to kill but whatever it is that he Umaru Waziri is enjoying today came through Ahmed Musa Ibeto, but then what do you expect from an ingrate like Umaru Waziri.

For the records, Umaru Waziri is a mushroom politician who aside attacking Elderly People in Ibeto town also uses all possible ways to blackmail innocent People due to his greed.

Like a leopard that can never change its colour, before the dust settled on the issue of verbally attacking the Uncle of his Political Boss and Mentor, Umaru Waziri went again into what he knows how to do best: blackmail, telling obvious lies, mudslinging, combative politicking, showing of sadism and, above all, displaying arrant and shameless ignorance, all of which portrayed him as a street urchin that is not qualified to be called a public figure.

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