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Leading Nigeria airline, Air Peace which has its motto as Your peace, our goal” may be far from truly giving their passengers peace while onboard.

This is evident in the concealed recent near-crash incident which occurred on the 8th of April 2019 at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport which would have seamlessly claimed the lives of everyone onboard the aircraft including children.

SecretReporters gathered that fifteen minutes after taking off from the Local wing of Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja, the 10.15 Aircraft bound for Owerri developed serious technical hitches which immediately killed one of the engines as well as the air conditioning and oxygen systems, resulting in the swerving of the aircraft and a deafening noise being produced by the faulty engine.

This according to sources who were on board the aircraft led to passengers gasping for breath while some especially children and the aged were bleeding profusely from the nose due to the lack of oxygen.

By a tiny thread of luck, the pilot who rather showed a high level of aeronautical acumen was able to turn the plane around and landed successfully to the relief of the passengers who were already saying their last prayers.

However, the passengers who made frantic efforts to immediately exit the aircraft which was already filled with smoke on touch-down couldn’t and were shocked that it took the airline company more than the stipulated time to initiate emergency exit procedures as no agency was immediately on ground to open the door nor were there any emergency medical attention in terms of first aid provided for those who were gasping for breath after alighting from an aircraft which almost took their lives. The airport personnel we learnt only arrived when the smoke which has filled the aircraft was at an unbearable state.

It was also gathered that the passengers who were by now frightened and still trying to recover from the near-death experience, proceeded to the management for a refund of their money but were dazed as they learned that they will not be getting any refund as the only option they had was to be transferred to another aircraft en route to Owerri which the passengers blatantly refused.

Many air travellers especially the victims of the near crash are demanding that they be refunded the full amounts they paid for the flight as they were not taken to their destination while others believe that the airline is living in past glory, calling on the necessary aviation supervisory agencies to immediately expedite actions against the CEO and its management.

All calls and messages sent to Allen Onyema on his mobile line 080******55 were not responded to as at press time.

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