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As Delta State legislators undergo legislative training in Isokoland, SecretReporters has gathered that it may be the last training that will be organized by the Speaker, Sheriff Oborowheri, unless the State Governor, Ifeanyi Okowa quickly wade in.

Insider plots available to this medium reveals that seventeen lawmakers have decided to move for impeachment against Sheriff while six are undecided but may be swayed to join the pro-impeachment group. According to credible sources, the Speaker’s crime is his inability to arm-twist the Governor into releasing money for them to play around with and share to followers and constituents as was done in the past. They described the Speaker as “too docile for the executive and slavish”, which another lawmaker who spoke to us kicked against, stating that “Sheriff is not ready to join them to share Delta State money. Maybe because he had excess money before coming to the house and does not value the money attached to the Assembly”.

The impeachment plot which has reached a crescendo will see one of the arrowheads who used to be a motor park tout to become the Speaker. If removed from Office, the lawmaker representing Ughelli North II, who is known as one of the most docile lawmakers ever elected in Delta State, Mr. Eric Oharisi will mount the saddle of leadership, a source squealed which was confirmed by insiders in the Assembly.


A peep into the past impeachment of Monday Igbuya

Immediate past Speaker of the Delta State House of Assembly was impeached around 6 am in May 2017 while he was dozing away. For the first time, the then Deputy Speaker, Friday Osanebi presided over the house, where the impeachment hammer was slammed on Igbuya.

Even though the former Speaker was woken from sleep as the impeachment proceedings were going on, he acted too late. He called his ally, Eric Oharisi to run away with the mace, which the latter agreed. Unknown to him, Eric was the Judas who brought the mace to the floor of the house to stamp his impeachment.

One of the reasons for his impeachment was excess loyalty to the Governor. While he reigned, a case of his loyalty was when the executive sent a bill to be passed. A lawmaker, Daniel Mayuku raised an important notice on the words contained in the bill, calling for some of them to be removed.

Igbuya stamped his gavel saying “Noooooo, the governor cannot be wrong. Are you more knowledgeable than the Governor who was a former Senator? Everything the Governor wrote there is right. He can never be wrong”. Despite all the arguments that took place on that fateful day, Igbuya railroad the bill into passage. Truly, the Governor was never wrong when he was finally impeached.

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  1. The legislative office is met to checkmate excesses of the Government and not always to obey the bidding of the Number one citizen

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