Wednesday , November 30 2022


The reason for the recently declared two day public holiday in Rivers state has been uncovered by our team of investigative reporters. Rising Tide perceived that it was unusual for a governor to declare a two day public holiday for an election swung into action.

Our investigations reveal that the public holiday was declared to frustrate the efforts of Capital Index Limited to rake N1.5 billion from 2 commercial banks in Port Harcourt. Rivers State Government security units “intercepted” a message from the INEC REC, requesting that the money be delivered in cash, for the purpose of “internal settlements’.

The intercepted message also has Mr. Ikoiwak lamenting that “Roy is making things difficult for me.’ Roy is the other name of DIG Sotonye Wakama, the no nonsense cop who has been posted to the coordinate and ensure security in the state during the March 19, 2016 elections.

“Achi, tell Oga the E.Os want their money on Friday morning, that means we must get cash on Thursday.” Mr. Ikoiwak said in the intercepted message. The “Achi” our reporters gather may be one Achi Wobodo, a lawyer and special assistant to a prominent APC politician and former governor of Rivers state.

Gov. Wike swung into action and immediately reported the plot to bribe INEC adhoc staff through the state REC to the DSS. To frustrate the delivery of the money to the INEC REC, the state has put plain cloth security men around the banks, airports and Capital Index to ensure that no cash is delivered to the INEC boss.

“We know they will not transfer the money online because we’ll catch them. We have an informant among. So the safe bet is to deliver cash to Aniedi(INEC REC) or Paul Uko. We are also monitoring the E.Os. We will not allow the rigging,” A PDP strategist in the state told Rising Tide. When RTN reminded that the transfers to the E.Os could be done through the banks, the PDP strategist who begged to remain anonymous, said “Don’t forget the state government is a big customer in all these banks, and we have all the names of the E.Os and the accounts the payments are coming from and we have forwarded same to the EFCC and DSS.”

Already the cash crunch is already biting in the APC, as one candidate Ineye Jack (APC) in AKLGA constituency 1 has stepped down for Prince Major Jack of the PDP stating lack of funds to prosecute the campaign. He said only friends of Amaechi benefitted from the funds that came from the NDDC. Ineye Jack could not be reached on phone.~ Precious Chindah Precious
More details soon

Source: Sam Samuel

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