Nasir El-Rufai, the APC governor of Kaduna State has released yet another “decree” in his implementation of APC Islamic agenda, using Kaduna as a take off ground.

El-Rufai has ordered all public and private schools to remain opened all through Easter period apart from Good Friday and Easter Monday, which will be nationwide public holiday. He further threatened to sanction any school owner who fails to comply with the directive.

He mandated that second term holiday, should NOT be called Easter break, but second term holiday. On this note he ordered that the second term holiday should start two weeks after Easter.

When our correspondents contacted National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools (NAPPS), officials (who pleaded anonymous) they confirmed the news lamenting that El-Rufai is making life difficult for school owners in Kaduna. He added, “This government is frustrating us.” (he lamented) “Imposing on us different taxes, forcing us to adhere to their calendar and creating terrible loopholes to wreck schools, only this term most privates schools lost 50% some more of their pupils or students. For his new order on schools remaining opened throughout Easter, we have no other option but to comply. However, NAPPS national body will have to look into Kaduna State issue.” He concluded.

This same El-Rufai is demolishing Christian communities and sending demolition notice to more Christian communities.
He has also sent a bill to the Kaduna State House of Assembly, to ban open air crusade, evangelism, night vigil, Christian bookshops, playing gospel music inside ones personal car etc.

Source: Weekly Post NG

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  1. God is more than this el-rufai. You know what happened to Nebuchadnezzar….

  2. Children of God, rise up and pray for Nigeria. All we do is lament and ask for help from man. The arm of flesh will always fail. Remember….If God’s people will humble themselves and pray and purpose to seek HIS face, HE will hear from heaven and heal our land. CHRISTIANS, ARISE ANS PRAY!!

  3. Yes, good news may God guide him, man of honor. May this happen in every part of state in this Country. NEW MORAL IN THE COUNTRY.

    • If God be God you and your governor will not prevail in that land. Go and ask about a chief in Benin who said over his dead body for church of God mission to be built in airport road Benin city. Same shall become of anyone who stand on the of way of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You still have time to surrounder your life to Jesus Christ so you can e SAVED.think well mr thinker

    • Christ Ambassador

      May God have mercy on your soul for such comment.

    • Tunubu Buhari Amechi

      Your days are numbered…..from this day till d disband month u made this comment. let God be God.
      except u repent it shall come to past.

  4. We are fanning embers of chaos with inciteful write ups. It there is national chaos, one of the principal reasons will be divisive and hate-speech journalism. Keep it up, every man shall account for his deeds on the day of judgment. The media should educate the public and not corrupt their minds. I pity your lost soul

  5. D degree of man of God must fulfilled in his life,el-devil beware

  6. It is TIME to stop this beast called el rufai from instigating RELIGIOUS war which he can not with stand. The foundation of Nigeria can not carry what will come after, especially from Biafra land which are not happy with secret islamic elimination of Biafrans using Nigerian army.

  7. God will tear El-Rufai’s kingdom in Jesus name, every battle against the Cross of Jesus is a lost battle, any weapon fashion against the body of Christ shall meet untimely death in Jesus name!

  8. Well,those who voted for change in that region should bear whatever their taxmaster impose on them.
    One thing I know for sure,is that,the counsel of God and Jesus christ our saviour shall stand and the enemies of the cross shall be put to shame! El-rufai will soon hear from God.

  9. Yakubu Maiganga

    only prayer and fasting will deliver you …

  10. Yakubu Maiganga

    pray seriously nd trust in Almighty God

  11. i just hope its not a plan to islamise this country…..using kaduna state as a kick off point.

  12. El Rufai is becoming Undefined.
    He seems to be Specific
    He seems to be Straight forward now
    He seems to be Confronting God
    He seems to be Retiring From Existing
    He seems to be A Cohort with God

  13. So, apart from Good Friday (through) Easter Monday, which is “Easter period” again?. The media should educate and not confuse people. The digression from the “banned” holidays to tax clearly shows an evil intent.

  14. Easter Holiday is the most important holiday for Christians all over the world. This holiday should be respected and observed by Christians all the world. The Governor of this state should leave the Christians in this state alone and stop tormenting them. The power of God will fight for the Christians that live in this state .

  15. El~rufai should is not aware of what happened the king of babylon.. Nebuchadneza when he stood against God
    Lets watch and see

  16. Anyone that kiks against the Gospel or stands in way if God is digging his or her own grave. Definitely, Kaduna governor life will soon end. Some men before him did same and paid shamefully with their lives. Unfortunately today,the so called PFN and CAN presidents are sleeping crazy for wealth and popularity. God will fight His batlle!

  17. If only we can Unite and cry to AbbaH father, he will hear our humble cry and drag el-rufai to judgment………but nay! Christians are not United, they can’t fast together nor pray together that is why Islam is trying to take over us. Christ solders pls wake up from ur slumber! Islam is trying to take over! I only blame people that voted for change! They have ears but can not hear, eyes but can not see. I pity us???

  18. Chukwuneta martha

    Watch what will happen to him.he is bitten more than he can chew.

    • Nothing will happen to him, he has not done wrong. When is Easter holidays? Why not tell the Federal Govt to declare two weeks of holidays for easter, Nothing will happen to him, simple

  19. Ajani Cornelius Ayodele

    Time to act is now. Nigeria is a secular state. Christians in Kaduna should begin a nonstop protests and challenge El Rufai in the court of law. Any draconian law should be met with stiff opposition. We are not under military rule. No fundamentalist should be allowed to impose his wish on the people. Kaduna State will soon become ungovernable for him. And one can not rule out state of emergency. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

  20. I see an impending sorrow and calamities about to loom for El-rufai if,he fails to reverse his stupid decisions concerning Christians in Kaduna state.

  21. el-rifai respect God, any way am sry to say DAT ur time is very very near, except u repent now.

  22. God Almighty whom I serve is watching and will not abandon us. Everything happens for a purpose

  23. First of all, why is this post called ‘secret’ why not ‘public’ “give what belongs to Ceaser, to Ceaser and what belongs to God unto God” if God permits this, then so be it. Afterall all these stories are impossible with God.

  24. If this report is true, the governor is a disappointment to Ngieria! What a lost opportunity!

  25. Fejiro Oliver the fire God will use on you and ur devilish mischievous media is of special kind! And some brainwashed gullible fools will fall for this cheap blackmail without carrying our investigation.

    Why do we always like to cause confusion using religion? Except a foolish imp, but everybody knows our schools terms operate on 12 weeks and every educationalists knows our curriculum is designed for this 12 weeks. And it is just unfortunate that Easter comes in the 10th week. So by insisting that syllabus must be covered, El-Rufai has committed a crime abi?

    FG will definitely declare both Good Friday n Easter Monday public holidays and thereafter schools resume to conclude the remaining 2 weeks so that all syllabus can be covered. This devilish people know this but choose to incite the gullible Christians against El-Rufai. How I with El-Rufai will see this report and sue the idiots!

  26. I think el-Rufai or whatever you call him is biting more than he can chew. If truly Buhari is the President of Nigeria and is not in support of him, he should call him to order. What we are seeing the APC government doing so far is a clear indication that the party cannot and will not stand the test of time.

    It will be fool’s wisdom to think that it is possible to Islamize any part of Nigeria let alone the entire country. They once tried it in Zamfara State; it failed woefully. Any political agenda that does not have the full support of Christians will definitely cap-side. So el-Rufai beware!

  27. apostle Faith David

    El-Rufai for standing on the way of the gospel of Jesus ,u and ur host will die before Easter Monday I’d over! by the Angel of God that kill Herod on Easter eve …. ur days as a governor are over in Jesus Name!

  28. Perhaps El-rufai is acting according 2 d Islamic leader and dictatorship Buhari’s Islamic agenda.

  29. Who can battle with God almighty? A call to prayers for all believers in CHRIST JESUS!


  31. You wailing wailers continues telling lies it will never deminies the image of El rufa’i. The trues will always prevail liar and hypocrisy will oneday boomerang and consume you people.

  32. Can’t you guys read?????

    How does this pronouncement ban Easter Holidays?

    he says Friday and Monday can hold as Holidays…!!!!

    Please what is going on here????

  33. Don’t know what some people derive from causing chaos. This is a fight between good and evil. We know they would relent in dividing our people. This is another strategy they are using but they will never succeed. Lies lies and lies why?

  34. I blame all the christians who voted for APC in Kaduna state all in d name of change, u can all c what change has brought to the Christians. We cant fight for ourselves, but our God will surely fight our battle for us… Our God is bigger and stronger than every one!

  35. El rufai can neva stop God’s work…He can only lose in a big way by forcing such….The Almighty is far bigger dan him or his mission

  36. Whoever this is am not sorry to say that you are myopic. Your thinking is shallow and you are not worthy to live among humans.This particular story is false and you have the right to post this on social media. Whoever you are I hope the wrath of God will follow you throughout your life only if you did this unintentionally. I understand you are trying to make some money which is good but always spread authentic news.

  37. People always carry out investigation before you latch on to false news. I heard him say that schools in kaduna will observe easter but they resume school after easter. For crying out loud kaduna has more Christians than Muslim so why the fuss. We not be gullible at this time. Things we act on without investigation can lead to somethings huge and negative. So pls stop posting outlandish comment and make your research. We need to be informed not deformed.

  38. El rufai, why have you forgotten history so Soon? Go and find out what happened to those that tried to stop the Gospel of the salvation of Mankind.

    Please give your life to Jesus Chrsit that you may be saved.

  39. He has started a battle that he can never win. No man contend with the Most High and prevail. Jesus is Lord over Nigeria and every continent of this world. The Blood of Jesus is still fresh and powerful.

    • This man hasnt done any thing wrong. I call upon understandin readers to read btw d line…except ure gullible & can fall for d media whims & wiles. 12wks re for 2nd term, now dey re in d 10th week & u want holidays to start right away wtout concludin d curriculum for d term. I am a Christian and i ve bn disappointed by comments from so called Christians. Ur HEAVENLY father wont be pleased cos HE hasnt called us to be rebels, nor contend wt govt or pronounce doom on any one. We ve not so learned CHRIST. Be fair & digest d letters, holidays will start after d end of d other 2weeks. Muslims dont fight for holidays

    • This man hasnt done any thing wrong. I call upon understandin readers to read btw d line…except ure gullible & can fall for d media whims & wiles. 12wks re for 2nd term, now dey re in d 10th week & u want holidays to start right away wtout concludin d curriculum for d term. I am a Christian and i ve bn disappointed by comments from so called Christians. Ur HEAVENLY father wont be pleased cos HE hasnt called us to be rebels, nor contend wt govt or pronounce doom on any one. We ve not so learned CHRIST. Be fair & digest d letters, holidays will start after d end of d other 2weeks. Muslims dont fight for holidays. Also d reporter is a secret reporter

  40. Fidelis Obi Mkpe

    El-Ruai, by the power bestowed on me as a child of God who is angry in the spirit, i course God’s anger of death opon you in the name of Jesus christ.

  41. Let us remember what happened to nebuccadinazer king of Babylon is about to happen raw in that land. God is not sleeping, he will react.check what happens to kings an leaders in Bible. How the wicked once ended.so shall it also happen.

  42. Could this report on public and private schools to remain open until after Easter be true? Then El-rufai should be ready to contend with the God who made him. I rest my case.

  43. his death is getting closer

  44. Except if they worship dead God wud God not intervene.

  45. Dr. Uche Okoye

    El-Rufai is a devil incarnate. He has always been this way. But Boko Haram will soon kill him.

  46. shade ozakpolor

    God will help us in this country

  47. Who is EL Rufai before God the creator of heaven and the Earth,the one who created him,pls do not beg him,let him begging to fight God,who made him a governor of Kaduna state,Let us wait and see what God will do in Kaduna and Nigeria as a whole.Nigeria is for Christ,no controversy about that.Jesus is the Lord.

  48. prophet MD. Dare

    Thunder fire you, heaven of mercy as closed against you, alive but dead Governor, take your law back or you die.

    • Most christians voted APC and see all the pains. We have a God who sits in heaven and laughs at el rufais foolishness. The church is a STRONG VOICE. Let’s all speak out and cry to the God of heaven and earth. He hears always.

  49. El Rufai? El Rufai?? El Rufaii??? How many times did I call u? The death that wants to kill a dog doesn’t allow it smell shit…. The Bantex slap is small… God Almighty will give u a slap that u can never recover all ur life…. BE WARNED!!!

  50. This is obviously a lie and a deliberate attempt to discredit El rufai and his good work. You will not succeed.

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