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Running a bank requires having men of tested integrity and impeccable characters but for Sterling Bank, breaking every known rules of banking is the order of the day, with active connivance from the very top. To them, banking is personal business and the customers’ money a fiddle to play with. Their use of T24 Core Banking Applications (CBA), which they changed to on April 30th 2016 in a project that lasted eighteen months to hide corrupt practices but disguised as applications to improve services, is an exclusive report from Secret Reporters to hit the news stand soon. The 18 tower building is a citadel of corruption.

Some daring insiders who are our ever reliable sources out rightly call the bank they work in ‘Stealing Bank’ as they have not only stolen from the system but also systematically defrauded the bankers within, especially the outsourced staff. To this bank, all is fair, even if it’s crime, as long as the lid is not blown open. This is an endless report on the dirty games that plays out in Sterling Bank, the corporate romance that engulfed the notorious 9th/12th floor and mindless fraud, rampaging the revered bank. It’s the Game of Bank Executive Thrones where the winner takes it all. The Managing Director’s ten years tenure ends this year and the competent sources revealed that he will hand over to one of his Citibank recruits who understands how the cartel works.

These names called and still call the shot in the bank. They determine the fate of every worker on the 12th floor and every other floor, where decisions are sealed. They form the dirty cabal that runs contrary to anything banking. Every fraud that ever happened in the bank which will be unraveled in the episodes had and still has their signatures. They are extremely ruthless and heartless in actions and inaction.

Yemi Odubiyi – He’s the Executive Director of Operation and Services and likely to succeed the Managing Director, Adeyemi Razack Adeola. Alongside the MD and the Executive Director of Finance and Performance Management, Abubakar Suleiman; they run the bank. The three of them are the defunct Citibank recruits. Odubiyi is the most powerful ED in Nigeria banking sector and a dangerous skirt chaser. Very top sources alleged that he has an intimate affair with two of the bank female staff, who climbed the ladder fast, courtesy of their amorous relationship. In a dangerous manner never experienced in the financial world, he did not only encourage fraud but promoted the fraudsters. He’s the sack machine of the bank. His office is on the 9th floor.

Yemi Odubiyi

Adekanla Desalu – He’s the protégé of Odubiyi and even keeps bald head like him. He’s the master of the looters who received the lion’s share in a secret fraud that rocked the bank and works in the ED office. A former Globacom worker who moved to ETB before joining Sterling Bank, he has a legacy in the bank in employing ladies with no previous banking experience but good in wearing miniskirts. With the active connivance of the ED, he gets them recruited and gives them big positions. In July 2016, he was transferred to head the Contact Centre which is an all female unit. “He has allegedly been enjoying himself in the midst of ladies”, revealed a source. Secret Reporters insiders within the bank reported that the recent happening is that the new group head of CEMG, Mr Nduka Mba-Uzoukwu is on the verge of removing him from the contact centre describing him as “an empty vessel”. He will be removed this month!

Adekanla Desalu

Eguru Nyenke – A dangerous player in the bank Headquarter and can do and undo. Her influence cuts across branches and even employs outsource staff. This influence is gotten from her alleged sexual relationship with the ED, Odubiyi. A former Globacom worker but was brought in by Desalu. She was a Unit Head and managed the Contact Centre, which she could not manage until the ED created another unit called Service Performance for her to head just to make her relevant. Employed in 2013 but rapidly promoted in 2015 in a controversial manner that will be detailed in the episodes. Her office is on the 12th floor.

Eguru Nyenke

Busola Awosile – She’s a major rival to Eguru over the heart and attention of the ED, with whom she allegedly has amorous affairs with. Both ladies are known to “shamelessly fight with one another” according to one of our insider sources. They are the two most deadly rivalries that exist in Sterling Bank today. She’s in her mid thirties and known as the Professor Emeritus of miniskirts. The ED employed her as a full Manager in 2013. She once worked in the Customer Unit of Sainsbury Plc. During group meetings, she doesn’t agree with Eguru as they were always arguing and at loggerhead. While Eguru managed the Contact Centre, she was in charge of Customer Experience Management Personnel (CEMPs)

Busola Awosile

Titilayo Ogundipe – A spineless Assistant General Manager and group head of CEMPs who was sacked on 30th January 2016 by the ED, Odubiyi, just to please Eguru, who was having issues with her. She allowed Eguru make a mess of the corporate environemnt because she was afraid of Yemi Ogunbiyi who has emotional relationship with the latter. She is now a facilitator and consultant to banks like FCMB. Her details and times in Sterling Bank where the cabal held her hostage will surface in the episodes. As soon as she was sacked, the ED employed Nduka Uba-Nzoukwu from another bank to head the group.

Kojusola Ajao – She was sacked for a fraud committed by four persons which includes the ED’s lover. In the conspiracy to cover up one of the bank frauds, she was made the scapegoat.

Oluwaseyi Oni – A brilliant banker who was not allowed to soar in Sterling Bank due to the cabal that infested it. Sent on a mission to rescue a unit, he ended up getting ‘penalized’ for a job well done, simply because the powerful Eguru was not happy that he exposed her weaknesses. The ED who is ever at her beck and call did the needful, and today, he’s with First City Monument Bank (FCMB) when he he observed he would lose the ethical battle with Eguru.

Fineface Oguzie – He’s a manager of a Issa Williams branch, beside the famous Balogun Market and behind UBA Headquarters, Marina and never yields profit, but very fraudulent in converting account brought by other staff to his own. For carrying out a dirty job within the bank for the 12th floor occupants, he was promoted from Senior Banking Officer to Assistant Manager alongside Janet Akpan who is one of the fraudsters and assists Eguru in her reign of terror was promoted from Executive Trainee to Senior Executive.

*** The scary fraud reports begins…

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  1. Thanks Busola Awosile for chatting me about this report. It reminds me of only one thing – my book titled “THE Whistleblower”, which is available in all CSS BOOKSHOPS nationwide.

    • But wait o, if the accusations were false, would she not have ignored them? Na wa o. Wonders shall never end sha

  2. Busola Awosile, I want to believe that your chat that I ‘will definitely reap what’ 1 sow is not an indirect threat to my life.

  3. Mtchew. How people hate the truth becos it is very bitter.

  4. This is so true once your not in their cabal nothing for you…if your seeking for employment and your not coming from their recommendation forget it…poor Mrs Titilayo Ogundipe with a very good heart. the wicked will never go unpunish.

  5. How shallow and vain can people be? Whatever happened to our old values. The truth really is bitter. Pls people let’s speak out against these evils deeds perpetrated against the innocent. Together we will make a difference

  6. how people can forget the values of old and parade their indecent activities shamelessly is beyond me. How do they sleep at night? Knowing how much evil they’ve done. Me I don get popcorn for here o, time to watch the pigs wrestle? Game of thrones season 2

  7. Bros desalu!!! Badoo, I hail o. Wey u just turn the mumu gals to manna. On to wetin? God is watching o, there is God

  8. bisola awosile you are a total shame to the workforce. Eguru is nothing but a working prostitute. I don’t know why I hate the banking system so much and how they sleep around to get promotions. this has to stop even in other organizations. the oga at the top, you all are a disgrace to integrity.

  9. Shame on you people….. This is why I hate banking sector. We must say No to Corruption. Busola and Eguru u both should be ashamed of yourselves

  10. I am an ex-staff and while I was with the bank some of these were never well discussed amongst staff but fear of the cabals made most to remain quiet. I also suffered in the hands of some other cabals when I was transferred between 2 regions without applying for the transfer and I ended up not paid my transfer allowance,from enquiries I learnt someone fraudulently signed on my file that I agreed to move without pay.I did series of mails fighting for my right but later got frustrated. Lots of abuses and deprivations. After close to 4yrs with ETB before merger I wasn’t paid a dyne and later another 5years with Sterling I was told no gratuity.Many gory stories but time would not permit… That bank is filled with cabals!

  11. I do not know whether it’s just me or if everyone else encountering issues with your site.
    It appears as if some of the written text within your posts are running off the screen. Can somebody else please comment and let me know if this is happening to them too?

    This could be a issue with my web browser because I’ve had this happen before.
    Appreciate it

  12. I see your action to be totally unfair to discredit an institution that employs over 7,000 Nigerians. Based on enquiries, you are an ex staff of this institution who has accumulated grievances for their dealings in which in one way or the other you were affected. If you think choosing to tarnish the institution is your way of getting Justice, then you are wrong. While your intent is to discredit a few, the ripple effect is the entire people.An employee is a representative of his employer hence when you speak ill of an employee, you speak ill of the institution.
    I believe there are appropriate way to this.
    Let Heaven be your inspiration.

  13. Shut up. Your brains are in your pants. Obvious you are enjoying the cabal or one of those fakers frustrating the fight against corruption. I wonder where Nigeria would be today if we failed to challenge corrupt public officials simply because federal govt employs over 50,000 civil servants and politicians. How much did they pay you? Thief. Your inspiration must come from satan. No peace for the wicked and corrupt people

    • “To not respond to evil with evil. To defeat evil with good, the offence with forgiveness. A Christian would never say ‘you will pay for that.’ Never.”

      This article is not to get justice but rather to tarnish the institution. Cabal may exist but not not all staff are participating or beneficiary of the cabal as the writer has said.

  14. I see this article as discrimination to women in the corporate world. When women have rapid growth or promotion in their place of work, people come to conclusion that they have intimate affair with there supervisor (if a male).
    I am sure the writer of this article was a subordinate to one of these ladies and couldn’t survive under her and maybe felt intimidated.
    Before we criticise them, let’s the writer provide us with evidence of their intimate affair.

  15. John 3:20 Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed.

    Ephesians 5:11-12 Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather EXPOSE them. It is shameful even to mention what the disobedient do in secret.

  16. A pained observer @ the towers

    & recently outsourced staffs are loosing their jobs without prior notice or reasons.
    They re scared that its the outsourced staffs that is telling the stories to whoever the writer is.
    It is so sad.

    • Nt only outsourced staff nw even core staff r Been laid off just bcos dey wrk at d 9th floor n nt in cordial relationship with d cabal n dey tink dey r d whistle blower.

  17. Actually when someone doesn’t be aware of afterward its up to other viewers
    that they will assist, so here it takes place.

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