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Edidiong Godwin

It is one thing to play God but a completely different thing to be God. When a man is in the habit of constantly exhibiting absoluteness in speech and in character, he is consciously or unconsciously playing God. The danger is, when the time comes for the man to honour his words, the likelihood is that he will fail because he is man and not God.

“God is not the God of appeal. He is Supreme God”. It is alleged that Governor Udom Emmanuel made the above statement while addressing a section of Akwa Ibom people on his arrival from Abuja. Obviously, the statement was aimed at discrediting the judgment of the Appeal Court which completely nullified the April 11 governorship election and ordered for a rerun.

So, I had to do some digging on my own. If we’re talking about God, the Bible should be the first reference point, right? Now, when I searched my E-Olive Tree bible, the word “appeal” is mentioned nineteen (19) times. The most suitable instance in this context, is when Jesus Christ, Himself mentioned the word appeal in Matthew 26:53; “Do you think that I cannot appeal to my Father, and he will at once send me more than twelve legions of angels?”

The third definition of appeal in my Oxford Advanced Learner’s dictionary is “an urgent and deeply felt request..” As clearly pointed out by Jesus Christ, appeal is a request so every time a request is made to God through prayers and supplications, it is simply an appeal to God. So, God hears appeal and delivers judgment as He pleases, hence, it is a complete blasphemy to say that God is not the God of appeal.

When judgments were not in favour of others, they criticized and questioned the integrity of the judiciary and that was it. Now, it’s our governor’s turn, he is bringing God into the murky waters of politics. The problem is not dragging God into the murky waters because no matter how turbulent it is, God can walk on water but the question is, can you as a man survive the storm?

By the way, if Governor Udom knew that “God is not the God of appeal”, why did he go to the Appeal Court in the first place to ask that the judgement of the Tribunal be upturned? And since we are talking about types of gods, here is one question I have been meaning to ask?

Which god was involved in the December 8, 2014 PDP governorship primaries where he (Udom) ‘miraculously’ amassed more votes from Oro nation than the sum total of votes amassed by all the aspirants from Oro? It must have been the god of primary election.
It seems that our ‘supposed’ leaders have been so intoxicated and power-drunk that they now feel like robbing shoulders with God. You hear them make statements like;

“Only rapture can stop Udom”

“Udom’s election cannot be nullified”

“If election is conducted 10times, Udom will win 10times”

Now that Governor Udom has headed to the Supreme Court, where the ‘Supreme God’ will be the judge, I earnestly pray the judgement will be in his favour. But if the Supreme Court upholds the judgement of the Appeal Court, I expect him to come back and tell Akwa Ibom people that; “God is not a supreme God but the God of rerun”.

So, to all the political deacons, pastors and prayer warriors, there is a new trinity that will help your ministry. From now, make your prayers and supplications in the name of “the god of Tribunal, the god of Appeal and the god of Supreme”. I assure you that with this trinity, your ministry will surely rise to the faith of greatness.
But, ubok Abasi, mbok, edakka’eda ekpong blasphemy.

Compliments of the season!

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