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Our medium has continued its follow up on the case of certificate forgery involving the All Progressives Congress(APC) house of Assembly member in Ogun State,Mr.Adebiyi Adeleye.

Information at our disposal is that, Adebiyi is currently under investigation by the Nigeria Police, Lagos Zone 2.
The case against Adebiyi Adeleye is his ability to lie on oath to a magistrate on 14/December/2014 that the information are True to the best if his knowledge on the fake certificates he presented.

He intentionally presented forged/false certificates to INEC, attached to INEC Form CF001 with misrepresentation on page 3, part B, about schools attended.

Adebiyi lied about his date of birth on Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) form, and on affidavit before the magistrate.

These allegations are breach of section 107(i) of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (1999 as amended) which states that a person is not qualified to be a member of the State Assembly if he has presented a forged certificate to INEC. These offences are also punishable under chapter 43 & 44 of criminal code of Nigeria.

Evidences against him are as follows: Letter from principal of SAAPADE which confirms he attended from 1986-1991(Class1-SS2)- after failing and committing crime, he was expelled Copy of SAAPADE admission register for 1986 (contain his Name, Address & Date.Of.Birth).

Copies of meetings of Old Students Association for 1986-1992 set, minutes which shows he attended & hosted the meeting between 2011-2015,witnesses by 26 of his classmates at SAAPADE, and the principal, who taught him in SS1,which his facebook profile shows he attended SAAPADE whereas he told INEC he didn’t attend SAAPADE.

The ODHS School Leaving Certificate & Testimonial he presented shows he was admitted from 1986-1993, has his picture & purported date of birth he submitted to INEC.

O.N.D:- False claim to have graduated from Federal College of Freshwater Fisheries Technology(FCFFT), Niger, in year 2000.
The questions on the lips of his constituents which Secrets Reporters is also investigating are: which result did Adebiyi use to gain admission to study Fisheries Technology at FCFFT? Did he have result in any Science subject as an Arts student at secondary school?

Did he graduate from FCFFT in 2000 as claimed in the statement of result presented to INEC?
Statement of result he submitted to INEC is not certificate. Is it right for him to claim to have OND without any certificate issued since 2000 to that effect?
Was he at anytime convicted or fined by any court in Niger State for a misdemeanor crime, that made him abscond to Ogun State?
Did he bribe the clerical staff to the Registrar with N100,000 to issue a letter to cover up for him?

Our investigations prove that there is nothing to confirm he was legitimately admitted to, & successfully graduated from FCFFT and has no legitimate certificate issued to him by FCFFT since 2000 he claimed to have graduated.
He claimed to have studied a science course at FCFFT, but only did arts subjects in his O-level.

Keep tab as Secrets Reporters bring you more of Adebiyi’s forgery stories.

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