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Delta State Ministry Of Justice To Spend N120 Million To Build Fence and N350 Million For The Purchase Of Vehicles

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In a case of government caring only for its officials and ignoring the economic plight of the masses, the Delta State government has continued to budget bogus amounts for the welfare of its officials.

This was discovered during a thorough scrutiny of the Delta state government 2024 Budget by SecretsReporters.

It was discovered that the government earmarked the sum of 120 million Naira for the construction of and fencing of Judges’ quarters in the Kwale area of Delta State. The project with budget code 031800400100.491 is part of the projects to be carried out by the Delta State Ministry of Justice in 2024.

It was also discovered that the Ministry also earmarked the sum of 150 million Naira to purchase vehicles for High Court Judges & Magistrate.

Vehicles are also to be purchased for Revenue Court Judges and Magistrates with 100 million Naira. It was also discovered that 50 million Naira was budgeted for the same project in 2023.

Finally, vehicles for other officers of the Ministry of Justices are to be purchased for the sum of 100 million Naira, with 50 million Naira budgeted for this same project in the previous year.

It is worth noting that a car’s life span lasts more than ten years, leaving one to wonder about the continuous repetition of the same project in just one year.

The Ministry of Justice has 2 billion Naira from the Delta State 2024 Budget to carry out their activities and projects. For the previous year, one billion, seven hundred and twenty-four million was given to the Ministry to carry out its activities.

In December 2023, Governor Sheriff Oborevwori of Delta State signed the 2024 Appropriation Bill into law, totaling N724,979,313,867 billion.

The budget allocation comprises N316,624,462,711 for recurrent expenditure and N408,354,851,156 for capital expenditure under the theme “Budget of Hope and Optimism.”

Governor Oborevwori emphasized that the 2024 budget aims to propel the state’s economy towards sustainable growth. He highlighted its potential to stimulate domestic and foreign investments, bolster productivity, and improve Delta State’s overall business environment.

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