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Godwin Akpan

The presenter of the programme FOR THE LOVE OF NIGERIA, on Akwa Ibom State Broadcasting Corporation,(AKBC)whose main focus is highlighting all round development in the country for Nigerians, beamed its search light to the 20th Anniversary Hospital, located in Itam LGA, Akwa Ibom State.
The Ibom Multi-specialist Hospital has some of the world best manpower, deployed to run both administrative and medical proceedings.
The managing director is the renowned medical expert, Dr. Yemi Johnson, a Nigerian. Others are:
Dr. EAPEN KOSHY, the Chief Plastic Surgeon, whose medical practice spanned India, USA, UK Saudi Arabia and now, Nigeria. Dr. Koshy was trained in India and the UK. Dr. Koshy has 22 Original Publications in the British Journal of Plastic Surgery-BJP, and authored a book: Beyond Modern Medicine. Dr. Koshy is a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons. He is from South India and has 30years of Medical practice.

GREGORY JOHN VIYANI is the Executive Director, ISH. A Chartered Accountant by profession. has been involved in Hospital management for over 20years.

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Viyani has managed hospitals in India, UAE, Abu Dhabi and now Nigeria. He is from South India.
PAUL ROBIN is the Chief Operating Officer ISH. Robin is from South India and was in charge of the biggest hospital in Chennai, India. He has over 20years experience in hospital management.

Now the big deal:
Professor Nicholas Dousis is from Athens, Greece. He is a renowned academic and has businesses in various parts of Europe. Prof. Dousis was in Nigeria for a business trip in Lagos. He decided to visit the ISP upon hearing that the renowned Surgeon, Dr. KOSHY is now at the ISP. When he saw the state-of-the-art facilities in the hospital, Prof. DOUSIS decided his Ober Hanger (fallen belly), as a result of Obesity should be operated forthwith. And on the 13 of January at exactly 10.30 am, Prof. DOUSIS was successfully operated. His operation lasted for 55minutes. 48hours later, here is Prof. DOUSIS and Dr. KOSHY having an interview with GODWIN AKPAN, Presenter, FOR THE LOVE OF NIGERIA.

According to Prof. “This is the best Surgery I have had in my life. I have done three surgeries before in Europe, but let me tell you Godwin, this is the best I have had. This country has been positioned as the best medical tourist destination for Africa and the world. If I had the slightest of doubt in the facilities here and the manpower, I wouldn’t have risked my life trying to carry out the surgery here. Nigerians and Africa should thanks Mr. GODSWILL AKPABIO for his vision.

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Earlier, Mr. UWEM AKPAN JOHNSON, a Port Harcourt based Akwa Ibom born, had his medical issues resolved at the ISH. Uwen was billed to be flown to India for his surgical operations, but was constrained by finance. His marriage plans were postponed because according to him “he was ashamed of the embarrassing skin growth known as Large Bilateral Keloid.

We had made plans to fly to India for the operation,but my brother, money was the major setback. We were advised to try the Ibom Multi-specialist Hospital. When we got there, we discovered that it was possible to have my operations there. I was booked for operation and it was successfully carried out. Look at me today, I am a brand-new man. We have fixed our wedding date for February second week”.

The Executive Director, Gregory John Viyani, said 50% discount has been set aside for all Akwa Ibom State indigenes.

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Watch out as we bring you the full interview before and after the operations on the programme FOR THE LOVE OF NIGERIA on Tuesday January 19th, by 11 am on AKBC. With your host, Godwin Akpan.

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