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Contrary to the smiling faces which the members of the Delta State Oil Producing Area Commission (DESOPADEC) put up when they left the state governor’s office earlier in the week, we can report authoritatively that it was all make up, as Governor Ifeanyi Okowa scolded them like babies, disclosed a reliable source.

Arising from a closed door meeting with the board members with Okowa in Asaba, a top source in the state government, who was privy to the meeting has told Secret Reporters that the negative reports that has trailed the Managing Director of DESOPADEC, Williams Makinde has not been good for the image of the state and his administration, which was championed by this medium, leading to their summon.

In the meeting, we gathered that Okowa expressed displeasure at the level of looting which has taken place in just few months going by various media reports. He told them pointblank that he will not hesitate to sack anyone of them found wanting and replace with more honest and capable hands.

Our source disclosed that the governor told the commissioners and the DESOPADEC board that they are common criminals.

Before the meeting, the Speaker of the State House of Assembly, Mr Monday Igbuya was also in government house for a closed door meeting, in what our source disclosed is not unconnected with the One billion Naira bribe demanded from the commission before passing the budget.

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    Our attention has been drawn to the recent script of shame and sheer foolishness in the guise of investigative journalism by one Fejiro Oliver and the, mudslinging the good names and hard earned reputations of the Managing Director of DESOPADEC and an outstanding achiever, national leader, the fount of the current transformation and frontier of the New Delta State, His Excellency, Chief James Onanefe Ibori.

    Suffice it to say that we would not want to waste energy in responding to Fejiro and his cohort; however, it is imperative that we set the record of his deluge of lies straight for the benefit of purpose-driven and development oriented public, who must have been misled by this unscrupulous miscreant and his gang of never-do-well paymaster(s).

    Fejiro’s constant vituperation and unbridled attacks on the current boss of DESOPADEC remind us of the popular saying that, ‘there is no smoke without fire’. Indubitably, Fejiro has been hired and brain-washed into doing the bidding of some power-hungry cads in the corridor of power to bring Chief Makinde to disrepute via the social media in order to misled Gov. Ifeanyi Okowa to dissolve the board thereby paving way for their cronies to be appointed into the board. Those profligates, enemies of progress (selfish clique), who do not want the success of the Gov. Okowa led administration are not comfortable with a tested and trusted administrator as the head of the commission, but want a stooge they can manipulate to dance to their tunes and yield to their directives because of their intimacy with his excellency. Their dispositions so far has shown to us that they see Chief Makinde as a major treat in their quest to sabotage this government because of his prudency, Integrity, accountability and transparency which he has demonstrated overtime in all the position he has successfully held at the public and private sectors . The uncommon integrity of the Oghara born chartered accountant and probably his blunt refusal to succumb to their anti-people request to the commission has led them to this cosmetic modifications of engaging in cheap blackmail and propaganda using their pen thug, fejiro Oliver.

    At this juncture, We want to state in clear terms that the Oghara people worked assidously to enthroned this government and are committed to ensuring it succeeds. However, let it be known that our resolve to support this government should not been seen as weakness, but our undying love for Chief James Onanefe Ibori. It will be reasonable to state therefore that Fejiro and his paymaster(s) should not play dirty politics with the names of these respected societal pillars as an attempt to continue on this heinous act and path won’t be nice.

    Let Us further remind the blackmail bandit- Fejiro and his paymaster(s) that if they don’t support that which is good, they will soon meet their waterloo. Just as they have made up their mind to continue propagating false rumour to dint the images of well meaning and reputable Deltans, We would not fold our hands and watch the name of our Elder Statesman brought to disrepute. May we also remind Fejiro and his feckless ill-bred men that nobody has monopoly of information, it is just that some matured minds only choose to manage theirs for the betterment and all-round development of the State.
    It is our hope that Fejiro and his paymaster(s) will succumb to the voice of reasoning and stop with immediate effects their void and vain mission to paint Chief Ibori and Makinde black in the eyes of the public with their cheap lies and propaganda. To be fore warn is to be forearm!

    We want to seize this opportunity to appreciate our amiable and proactive governor, His Excellency, Sen. Ifeanyi Okowa for appointing Oghara Sons and Daughters into his cabinet even as we pray for more appointments and projects. More so, we want to passionately appeal to His Excellency to disregard Fejiro and his paymasters’ evil publication against the current DESOPADEC MD, as the board is positively committed to ammeliorating the sufferings of the oil bearing communities through people-oriented projects and initiatives aimed at ensuring absolute prosperity for all Deltans.

    The board in its determination to make a difference has constantly engage stakeholders to achieve the bottom-to-top approach used in project execution. This is yielding positive result as the proposed commission’s budget will adequately captured some of the needs of the oil bearing communities collated through the board’s Communities Needs Assessment initiative.

    Once again, we want to express our confidence in Sen. Ifeanyi Okowa; Chief James Ibori; Hon. Erhiatake Ibori; and the Ovie of Oghara; and firmly affirm resolve to give our maximum supports to ensure that the current state government succeed in achieving the SMART Agenda aimed at bringing Prosperity to the doorstep of all Deltans, and we will not hesitate to bring down all saboteurs of the government.

    We want to conclude by sincerely congratulating a distinguish leader and frontier of development, Chief Henry Ofa on his well deserve appointment as member of the governing council of Ogwashi-uku Polytechnic. We are confident that you will bring you wonderful experiences as seasoned educationist to bear in this all important role to development technical education in the state. We thank His Excellency, Gov. Ifeanyi Okowa for finding you worthy in this all important responsibility.

    Long live James Ibori!
    Long Live Oghara Kingdom!
    Long live Delta State!

    Comr. Milton O.
    For and On behalf of:


  2. Roland Emudianughe

    The unscrupulous blackmailer is at it again, It is high time this Fejiro (Mr Tega) of a man be called to order by his paymasters before he drags the good name of this administration into disrepute. Tega or Fejiro (stage name) should know that the game of blackmail is up. The memory of his ordeal in far away Niger state where he was eventually rounded up and paraded by a combined team of the Niger state police command and the FCT is still very fresh in our memory. He should think twice before nursing
    the feeling that he can duplicate the unsuccessful Niger state episode in Delta state.

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