Friday , December 8 2023


Secret Reporters

Contrary to speculations that the 2016 budget presented to the National Assembly by President Muhammadu Buahri is missing, Secret Reporters presidential sources has confided in us that, the 2016 budget presentation was a mystery likened to the black box found in a crashed plane.

According to a top aide of the president, it was an arranged plan, by the members of the House of the Representatives, and that of the Senate,to embarrass the president. We gathered authoritatively that as pressure mounted on the President to submit a budget for the 2016 fiscal year to the National Assembly who were preparing to go on recess, and it was not forth coming, the NASS secretly advised him to just come to the chambers and present an empty box, and thereafter bring the real budget after preparation.

Before now, it had become a norm even in the Goodluck Jonathan’s administration to present an empty box to the National Assembly, thereafter, the actual budget will be sent to the house, but had been kept as top secret.

Suspecting a foul play and to avoid suspicious plot set for President Buhari by the National Assembly, considering his frosty relationship with the National Assembly, where Saraki and Dogara are half APC and half PDP, the Minister for National Planning and Budget, Mr.Udoma Udo Udoma after deliberation with the President, rushed to his chambers, to hurriedly draft a budget, to beat the dirty plot to embarrass the president.

Since the National Assembly was to go on a recess, they never bothered opening the box they claimed to be empty. It was on their recess, when they started giving out fictitious figures to the media, and knowing that it was coming from the senators, members of the public were meant to believe it was true, but those figures quoted by some of the senators had remained strange to the presidency, like the BMW car story the media dished out, as expressed by him during his maiden chat with the nation.

Part of the plot also, was the release of different budget figures weeks ago, so that the claim of withdrawing the budget to rework the figures will be justified. Senator Ali Ndume was given credit for been responsible for the report, just to give it a human face, whereas, Ndume had denied this.

It was a well planned plot by the cabals of the National Assembly to discredit the president, but the members of the National Assembly were beaten to their game.

As soon as the news broke that the budget was missing, as given out to the media by the disloyal and opposition Senators and the Presidency quickly refuting it that the budget is in the chambers, Speaker Dogara quickly rushed to his office to open the box and behold was the document before him. To avoid embarrassment, he quickly called his aide who handles his twitter page to claim that the budget for the House of Reps was intact and as such the reports by the media was an “April fool game.”

It is unclear at the moment if Bukola Saraki and Speaker Dogara were part of this plot.

Secret Reporters can report authoritatively that the budget presented to the lawmakers was actually a complete one, but the Ts were not crossed, neither were the I dotted, due to the incompleteness of the breakdown as at the time of presentation but it was done to prevent the current scenario.

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  1. secret reporters

    My friend why are making fool of your self there, what did you guys take Nigeria for,if presenting an empty box at first presentation has been the routine what stops Mr president to then go and make available for the next sitting.

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