Secret Reporters

Senator Peter Nwaoboshi may be out of the prison yard, but SecretReporters can authoritatively report that his gloomy days is just starting, as the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and powers that be have concluded plots to nail him by all means, using witnesses known to him to send him to jail for three years.

Nwaoboshi who represents Delta North in the Nigeria Senate chamber we gathered was aware of the evil days ahead but his pride and arrogance blinded him. A week before his arrest, a top government official from the presidency called him and warned him of the arrest but he laughed it off and said on phone “If it’s what those boys wrote, forget it, it can’t fly, no matter the buttons they press”. He was repeatedly warned to take cover to stop the embarrassment but he arrogantly waved it off, a source confided in this online newspaper.

One of our sources within his inner caucus, who gave us lead on how to arrest him by the EFCC disclosed to us on an encounter with his witchdoctor before his prison experience. According to the very reliable source, Nwaoboshi allegedly consulted him to know the future regarding 2019 and likely outcome of the challenge before the EFCC.

While he sat on the stool, the wizard looked into a cooking pot, with the Senator sitting on a mat. The wizard looked from the pot and turned to Nwaoboshi, with a sad gaze, then muttered the shocking words in Anioma, thus “Okemmiri, I see you falling like a dry leaf. You will fall so hard that it will be hard for you to get up. Those who will bring you down are the persons you think least of. It will happen before your very eyes that you will think back and wonder what blinded you that you didn’t stop the roots from germinating. The end is near, but while you still have the powers, stop it”.

Shocked was Nwaoboshi we gathered. He looked in anger at the native doctor and in his arrogance poured insult on the oracle, for giving him such bad omen before walking out on him stated the source. Three days after the incident, he was arrested and secretly kept away, until SecretReporters got the green light to break the news, after spending four days in EFCC custody.

His case we gathered from top sources is a celebrated case with Federal Interest.


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