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Secret Reporters

Following a letter, from the Federal Ministry of Information, which was sent to the National Broadcasting Commission(NBC) from the ministry, requiring a loan of thirteen million, one hundred and twenty thousand four hundred and seventy Naira(N13,120,470) to enable the Minister for Information embark on an official trip, the minister has recently come under tongue bashing, from Nigerians, who frown at such bogus amount, in a depleting economy.

The letter which was said to be leaked by inside sources in the Federal Ministry of Information, was written to the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) to finance the minister’s trip to China.

According to Secret Reporters investigation, such request is against the civil service rules, sources said.

In the letter to commission, which was signed by the Director of Public Relations and Protocol, Mr. Dama, it stated, “I am directed to inform you [NBC] that the Honourable Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed is proceeding on official assignment to China on Sunday, 15th May 2016.

“The Honourable Minister has therefore approved that you loan the Ministry the total sum of (N13,120,470) thirteen million, one hundred and twenty thousand four hundred and seventy Naira only to enable him and his team embark on the China trip to carry out the assignment.”

In his response to the leaked document, the Minister said, “It’s not unusual when the ministry wants to do something, but you don’t have enough funds you ask one of your parastatals under you to provide the funds for the trip.

“While we are waiting for the appropriate head to have the money you can go to any of your parastatals and ask, give us the money and when we are funded we will return the money to you.”

Reacting to how the document was leaked, the minister, the minister further stated, “I am so disappointed that an internal memo like that would be in the public. It shows a lack of integrity in the ministry.” Informed sources.

According to informed sources, Lia Mohammed said, “The way the ministry is run is not the subject of public discussion.” And he does not owe the public any explanation how Government funds are spent.

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