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Are you 48 or 52. Need a calculator?

Former Secretary to the State Government (SSG) in Akwa Ibom state, Mr. Udom Gabriel Emmanuel must be a funny man. In the documents he submitted for the 2015 elections, he claims to be 48 years. Our checks has shown that that age simply cannot and just does not add up. Analysis of his schooling and work life showed he has lied. He also perjured because he swore on oath while knowing fully he has lied.

For instance, in June 2014, the Akwa Ibom state newspaper Corporation (AKNC) publishers of The Pioneer called for goodwill messages from governments, socio-political groups and well meaning individuals on his 52nd birthday. That front page bold headlined advert ran for weeks.

Take a sample publication of Friday 7th June 2014. Same was repeated on Friday, 5th July 2014. It reads: The SSG, Mr Udom Emmanuel will be 52 years on July 11, 2014. In recognition of his meritorious service to the government and people of Akwa Ibom state, we, in Akwa Ibom Newspaper Corporation intends to publish a special edition in his honour.”

This advert ran for weeks. We may want to assume on his behalf that he did not see the publications. His aides, friends and relatives who saw same forgot to bring it to his attention. Otherwise, why did he not refute the publication?

The spanner that exposed a secret to be covered: Just a couple of days to the birthday, Udom issued a statement: “I, Udom Gabriel Emmanuel, the Secretary to the Akwa Ibom State Government (SSG) will be turning 48th on July 11, 2014. My birthday celebrations this year, will be low keyed.”

He added, “While acknowledging the importance in one’s personal and social life to mark and share significant occasions such as a birthday celebration, I wish to channel much of the expenses into philanthropic gestures. In this manner, the celebration will enrich our social lives, express our culture and bring us closer to the masses.

“Moreover, channeling the resources which would otherwise have been spent on birthday bash, newspaper advertorials and such sundry expenses into philanthropic gestures are certainly longer lasting investments than throwing a party.

“Therefore, my birthday wish is that the already flourishing free and compulsory education policy instituted by His Excellency Chief Godswill Obot Akpabio, CON, should be supported in all ramifications and sustained.

“Accordingly, in lieu of gifts and congratulatory messages in the form of paid advertisements to be in print and electronic media, I kindly requests that my friends, associates, colleagues, kinsmen and corporate bodies should make the birthday celebration even more special by doing some truly thoughtful things for Akwa ibom people. I advice that monies for congratulatory newspaper adverta should be channeled to fund the provision of more school desks to pupils in Akwa Ibom state.

“Therefore, one hundred per cent (100%) of all donations will be directly channeled towards the provision of more desks to schools through the Ministry of Women Affairs & Social Development, Uyo.

Cover page of Pioneer newspaper…see the bottom left side of the page
Cover page of Pioneer newspaper…see the bottom left side of the page
“Please, contact the Hon. Commissioner Women Affairs & Social Development.”

When Udom’s 1 + 1 is never 2: Udom agreed with himself that he was born 11th July 1966. This agreed with his statement that he was 48. He stressed it in his INEC forms for the 2015 elections. From his records in the public domain, he finished from the University of Lagos in 1988. This means, he graduated at 22.

A deeper scrutiny showed he attended the defunct School of Arts and Science, Uyo between 1981 to 1982. He got into the College in September 1981. That makes him 15 years of age!

Now, he finished at the Community Secondary School, Ikot Akpan Eshiet, in Onna local government area of the state in July 1981. He was in that month 15 years. Since he did not proceed to the School of Arts and Science immediately after his secondary school education, e must have spent a year before his admission in September 1981. Where is that one year gap in his age and mathematic?

If we follow this logic, he was 14 years of age when he finished secondary school. This was admitted by his media minders in a statement where they wrote: “passed out of the School of Arts and Science in 1981. Before now, he had gone through primary and secondary schools and further prepared himself for undergraduate studies at the School of Arts and Science, Uyo, where he passed A’ level in 1981.”

Given the above, Udom completed secondary school at 14. He did his primary education, a six-year programme. That means he left school as a 9-year old kid! That means he started school as a 3-year old! Remember, in the 1970s, you have to put your hand above your head to touch your opposite ear as means test to be admitted to school. How did he do his?

Another mathematic that will not add up: All his documents in the public domain have been carefully doctored. No mention of the years he finished his primary and secondary schools. This curious development shows that there is a deliberate concealment of a fact.

His work records: Udom’s work record shows that he served as Audit Manager of PriceWaterhouseCoopers. He was an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria. He serves as Chief Financial Officer of Zenith Bank Plc.

Mr. Emmanuel served as Group Head of Income Optimisation, Financial Control & Strategic Planning Department at Zenith Bank Plc. He served as General Manager of Zenith Bank Plc. He joined Zenith in 1996 from Diamond Bank Limited and was the pioneer Manager of its Lagos Central Branch.

He is in charge of the Telecommunications Sector, Income Optimization and Financial & Strategic Planning Group of Zenith Bank Plc. He has over 17 years financial services experience. He served as an Executive Director of Zenith Bank Plc. He is a Chartered Accountant.

He is a Fellow of the Nigerian Institute of Management. He has attended the Advanced Management Programme at INSEAD, France. He holds a Bachelors degree in Accounting from the University of Lagos in 1988.

Where are the certificates of a lying dad? In the INEC documents he submitted, these same facts were carefully concealed. His certificate was not adjudged to have been burnt like VeePee Namadi Sambo’s yet INEC and the PDP that submitted his candidature forgot to ask for copies. But he swore to an affidavit stating that the facts he deposited are true. He lied on oath and deliberately too. This is the man who wants to govern Akwa Ibom. He has been caught publicly! We present to you, a lying father.


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