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All is currently not well with the office of the Niger Delta Amnesty as information available reveals that it has been turned into a Sodom and Gomorrah centre with the repentant militants studying in foreign countries bearing the pains.

Since September 2014 that they were paid last, not a single dime has been paid to them, despite money for such already inputted in the budget. According to a source, this money has been lodged in the bank by top officials in order for it to generate interest for them at the detriment of the students.

Timi who allegedly warms the bed

Oyanbo, another bed warmer as alleged

Contrary to the agreement reached with the students with copies of such in our possession; that they will be paid $1500 for a period of three months, such was never done. Of note is a particular female student, Ms Arowojolu Atinuke Florence studying in Ukraine who has been left alone since she arrive the city. Unlike other students whose parents paid money for them to be included in the program and have paid their fees pending when the Amnesty Office pay, Florence is left alone. Her money has been with one Mrs Oyanbo for three weeks now. In a clear show of shame, one of the fraudulent officials in the office directed her not to come out of her apartment to avoid her being deported.

Eugene Abels who is alleged to be the delaying the money and keeping the ladies warm

The Nigerian students have been brought to international shame before their co-students when the Vice Rector of Brest State Technical University threatened to deport them on the 10th of January 2015 if their school fees are not paid. Reliable sources hinted us that their passports were seized last year by the school in 2014 in order for them to be deported before the Amnesty Office hurriedly paid on May last year.

Amnesty Document

The action of not paying is not unconnected with the action of two ladies who work in the office and have become the sex toys of some of the top staffers including Eugene Abels, the Head of Education desk, with only Mr Oluremi John exempted from these sex escapades. The two ladies, Ms Timi and Oyanbo are alleged to warm the bed of Eugene and others in order keep holding on to money meant for the foreign students, which they control. Apart from not paying their school fees and accommodation, the students also suffer to pay their medical bills and when questions are asked, one Elena who works at the International office replied that they should use the stipends to treat themselves. Ironically they pay money for books for 2nd Semester while the Students pay for 1st Semester.

Letter threatening the students from FG

The students suffering this are all schooling in Malaysia, London, Russia, Ukraine and USA. As customary with them, calls put to the known mobile lines of Eugene which ends with 186 never went through, same with Timi as at the time of going to press.

Letter of threat from FG

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