Thursday , March 30 2023


The retrogressive activities by the Commissioner of Works Akwa Ibom State, Akparawa Ephraim Inyang Eyen, orchestrated to disenfranchise the populace; who gave their mandate wholeheartedly to the Udom’s course in the 2015 general election, of their inalienable right to freedom of movements, speech, etc, creating hate for the governor and causing serious panic in the minds of the electorates is becoming unbearable, as several cases of threat to life, molestation, maltreatment and abuse of power is being perpetuated under the watch and endorsement of this public servant.

IReporters can authoritatively report that about 16:30hrs yesterday, Ndifreke Attah; popularly known as champion lover, on his way out of A Line, Ewet Housing Estate “where the commissioner of works resides”, had his car hit by one of the vehicles in the convoy of the commissioner of works when branching into his residence.

According to Attah, who was expecting the commissioner or his guards to show sign of remorse; either by apologising or undertaking the cost of repairing his bashed vehicle, he was beaten with ‘koboko’, dragged out of his vehicle and whipped to their satisfaction, while the commissioner in pretension walked briskly into his house. It could be recalled that iReporters last year reported similar case of public abuse, maltreatment by the commissioner’s guard at Ibom International airport on a boy, who overtook the commissioner’s convoy hastily on his way to the airport.

This gross act of rascality by a public servant is sending a very wrong signal to the general public about this administration and the respect to the rule of law. Governor Emmanuel cannot be a professional in politics and allow rascals in the guise of commissioners, perpetuate barbaric acts capable of creating distrust on the government in the minds of those who once believed in his integrity and respect for the law.

If Ephraim Inyang is a hatchet man for this government as acclaimed by the Deputy Chief Whip, Hon Nse Essien during his screening, he should be kept on check so that he doesn’t unleash this dastardly acts on law abiding citizens of Akwa Ibom, thereby inciting them to cause break of law and order.`

Credit: IReporters.

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