Tuesday , November 22 2022


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The fact finding mission to Delta State by Nigeria’s Vice President Yemi Osibanjo would have been a total flop if not for the intervention of the host, Senator Ifeanyi Okowa, Secret Reporters has learnt.

Osibanjo who is notorious for coming late to events and meetings we can authoritatively report came very late for the meeting, even when there was nothing keeping him back in Abuja.

As soon as he came into Warri through Osubi Airport, they headed straight to Gbaramatu Kingdom, where he paid a visit to the King before proceeding with his mission.

He left with the entourage to Warri and also paid courtesy call on the Olu of Itsekiri, where he spent almost all his time before leaving around 5:30pm, our reliable source revealed to us.

As customary with the unwritten Nigeria protocol where a visiting Governor, Deputy Governor, Vice President or President pays courtesy call to the paramount ruler of a place that is visited or hosting the event, Osibanjo clearly refused to visit the King of Uvwie Kingdom, even after visiting the Olu of Itsekiri that has no connection with the event.

The event was billed for Petroleum Training Institute (PTI), which is the Uvwie King domain. The angry Kings who have been seated like House Boys since 11am in the Conference Centre were livid when they saw him walked into the hall without visiting their colleagues.

In anger and with one voice, they walked out on him to the astonishment of everyone present. The Delta State Governor had to run after them to plead with them before they came back to the venue.

Okowa apologized profusely before the VP also tendered his apology for such misdemeanor. The Kings accepted his apologies for the sake of Okowa, whom they claim they have so much love and respect for.

Some angry Urhobos described the action of Osibanjo as an insult to the entire Urhobo nation, who has shown his preference to his Ewedu brother being the Olu and the volatile Gbaramatu.

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  1. This is absolute nonsense, what kind of a report is this, there is nothing like Olu of Itsekiri but Olu of Warri. Gbaramatu is not a Kingdom but an Ijaw enclave in Warri which is under the over lordship the Olu Of Warri. The Olu of Warri is in charge of happening in Warri including the Ijaw enclave called gbaramatu

  2. A polished and well groomed journalist should not be writing “Olu of Itsekiri” .Names of kings have the name of land and not the tribe.
    Examples are Oba of Lagos, Emir of Sokoto Do your research and stop all these tribal indiscretions originating from the ‘Usobos” which you are one of them.
    Don’t be an ignorant person.

  3. Stupid one sided report from a silly yahoo reporter.
    You people ought to be ashamed of yourself. Jealousy will kill you all by the time u will realize it.

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