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Tears may roll for years for the families of the Elijahs as their matriarch was murdered in cold blood, with no single protection from the Nigerian Government.

According to a very reliable source, Pastor Mrs Olawale Elijah and an older man were killed by President Muhammadu Buhari’s kinsmen in Kubwa, a suburb of Abuja on Saturday for daring to wake up early and preach while they were also chanting their 5:00am muslim prayers.

The source stated that the duo were carrying out their normal early morning preaching known as ‘town crying for Christ’ around 5:30 – 6:00am when they were attacked by some angry muslim youths who descended on them.

A suspect who is currently in Police custody and experienced the brutal massacre noted that he was asleep inside his shop when he heard a woman screaming and by the time he came to her rescue, one of her hand was chopped off and her neck partly sliced by the angry muslims

Below are pictures of the killing.preacher 1

preacher 2


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  1. Nigeria is no longer a secular state, let it be clear to all. President Mohammadu Buhari has converted us to an Islamic country.

  2. Doing what they are thought how to do best, killers and murderers that worship with their daggers ever ready to strike. These are untamed animals that Christians can’t share a country with. To hail with one Nigeria.

  3. This is so hateful. I’m lost for words. This country is in the brink of destruction. May God intervene for His people. The word of God can never be stopped no matter the persecutions that Christians face.

  4. If these Muslim youths killed human beings in the hour of their prayer, I wonder what will be their prayer point and bases of their prayer to their god when they go back to the mosque. Maybe they were not taught that the wicked will not go unpunished, that the wages of sin is death, and the innocent blood they shed will cry against them, The killers of the innocent will know no peace.

    • These are not the Teachings of Islam. The killers are can never be accepted as Muslims. They are criminals, hoodlums and Ignorant beings.

  5. The word of the lord must be preached everywhere in the mighty name of Jesus Christ

  6. This is un-acceptable, Its time those in Authority rise and defend people’s right to freedom of worship.
    keeping quiet is more like approvals.
    I pray the Lord overthrown the perpetrators and supporters of this evil and that they collide with the Rock of Ages in Jesus Name.

  7. RIP in the bosom of the Lord. My comfort is that you preached the God of heaven who knows that heaven is not a carnal place as to recieve virgins. And who has nothing to hide to allow people to talk freely about Him,and to read his word. The real father(creator) knows the cost of his children.

  8. Why must she disturb peoples’ peace in the name of preaching? Public disturbance wasn’t Jesus thought, they are many in my area here moving around mosques and Muslims domain disturbing. Practice your religion in the way of peace and not pieces.

    • Does that mean their murder is justified? Does it mean that you are in support of it? Please answer.

    • Read John16:1-2 to understand.

    • Christians should arm themselves with weapons at all times for self defense. Kill any who want to kill you.

    • you are nothing but an IDIOT what do you know about peace may you be murdered the same any day disturb people as you called it

    • Ola na wah for you o! It shows clearly that you’re in support of this brutality, if truly you’re worshipping the true God who is not in support of shedding innocent blood in his name,you won’t sound like a blood thirsty Vampire, don’t blame it on you, but your intolerance faith.

  9. Whilst I weep for a sister that was needlessly murdered. I am disgusted by secret reporters for the way it has reported this incident. Our religious beliefs must not be dabbled with politics and vice versa. This is one of the hindrance to peace in our country. Our country must protect its citizens and punish perpetrators of injustice.
    Rest in peace. You died doing the lords work

  10. ibiere nicholas

    Short of words I don’t how there so called Moslems can be so heartless

  11. No matter what happens Jesus Christ remains the KING of kings,and the LORD of lords, amen.

  12. I hate when some people hide under been a Christian spreading the news of hatred surely they are not doing it for Christ but for their sentiment sake they should just spares Jesus out of this and stay by their demon of sentiment ask them maybe many Christians didn’t died under their hero Jonathan by these same religion animals too,why painted Buhari black on this like he sent them to do it or this is the first time such things is happening in the country

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