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As the battle for the survival of Federal Medical Centre, Owerri goes bloody, with the Medical Director, Mrs Angela Uwakwem likely to leave the saddle as directed by the board, but still be kept in office by the duo of Imo State governor, Rochas Okorocha and the Federal Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary, Mr Linus Awute, information available to us reveals why Awute has special interest in a case that has caused thousands of lives already.
According to an insider in the health sector, Angela has reached a compromise with Awute to save her job and speak well of her to President Muhammadu Buhari in exchange for N50 million.

Alleging to Secrets Reporters, Angela paid the first sum of N25 million to Awute, who also have criminal petition hanging on his neck which we shall reveal soon to the President and Nigerians, with promise to pay the balance once it’s certain that her position is no longer threatened.

Awute who was initially removed from the Ministry of Health was brought back with the help of Angela, so that he can keep covering her and the husband fake certificate which he has continued to use to practice dentistry in Nigeria.

FMC, Owerri has since shut down operations, with no single individual being treated in the hospital. To deceive the ministry and presidency that work was ongoing, Angela brought in the Nigerian Police force to man the second wing of the hospital where only Mr Egwim and seven of her other loyalists resume work, idle away daily and drive home once its noon day.

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Secrets Reporters who paid a visit to the hospital can authoritatively report that there is no single work going on in the hospital which has being turned to a mortuary ground, as the resilient medical and admin staff have all resolved that Angela be removed for her corrupt practices.


  1. Only God knows to what extent JOHESU will go in an attempt to destroy this woman. Wasn’t surprised to see that caption “create directorate of medical laboratory” under the write up. Na on top say she introduce PPP cos of lack of productivity in the laboratories and some other departments. I can only wonder if that will not be the end result of the many nonsense In the health sector.
    It is quite unfortunate though her high – handedness, stubbornness and vindictiveness but to say she bribed with N50m, I begin to wander how much she hopes to embezzle in her remaining short period or since the beginning of her term.
    If there is anything, thorough investigation should be carried out to unravel this misery and proper sanctions be made.

  2. JOHESU is not against PPP, but against selected PPP’s. Let all the hospital’s departments be privatized. From administration, through medical and nursing services to janitors. That’s JOHESU’s position. Israel, be informed.


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