Thursday , March 23 2023


Emmanuel Onuaguluchi

The governor of Enugu state has assembled a team to help in navigating the affairs of the state.

Some of these men and women are known to the people of Enugu state. It is important that the governor and his team be encouraged and have the prayers of the entire state to build a lasting legacy. In this spirit of cooperation, we must ask the new state commissioners and other political office holders to declare their assets in line with the constitution.

Enugu state arguably the best state in Nigeria in terms of safety, must rally round our Governor and support him. This Governor must invest in human capital and the loan that was recently converted into secured Federal Government bond is serious strangulation of the economic funds stricken debt ridden cash strapped government that Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has inherited.

A gentleman that he is and not one to complain but the fact is that, my senior and friend, Governor Chime may have dealt a wrong hand to incoming administration by the amount servicing loan inherited by Enugu State. This loan I supposed were indeed needed but this new administration have no honey moon and have no reserve of funds to build on.

I have suggested to his Excellency, for the need to form a private company, independent of the government to evaluate our tax system to enable this government raise needed money to execute the human capital projects needed in the State.

Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi’s Government must re-engineer our school system by connecting the schools and students to 21st century technology. No child left behind should be a watch word and every kid deserves a first class education.

To this end, education and hiring of qualified teachers is a must. Roads construction is indeed very commendable and Gov Chime did that for us albeit in small kilo mileages but this government must keep to her promise of 10000 jobs on six months and to do this, the private sector must be engaged. Health care is a priority for any people and it must be affordable.

Various NGOs are willing and available to help and it must be explored. The carving out and defacing of land and heritage of our state must be a thing of the past.

Sir, cottage industry and factories is the key to providing jobs in our state. I wish you well and God’s speed in your administration of Enugu State.

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