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This opinion piece defends Kaduna Mafia and Alhaji Mamman Daura from ongoing controversy over alleged control of President Muhammadu Buhari

Kaleni Abdulahi-Abuja-18 October, 2016- So called pundits dominate the market place of ideas, pouring out invectives in the guise of distilled opinion, pontificating as though we lack sense of history. If there is Kaduna mafia, why not?

Every administration has a so called cabal or mafia behind it. What is even a cabal or mafia? Is it not a tactical team pushing for and working on making an idea a reality? Is there no mafia or cabal in American politics? What of the Bush/Clinton cabal? Is there no cabal or mafia in Europe?

Getting power itself demands a small clique of strategists. They schemed and battle to get to the Promised Land. How can you attain presidency if you don’t have your mafia or inner caucus? If you hate mafia or cabal, then quit politics.

From 1999 to date, every president has had his own inner caucus. Why should President Muhammadu Buhari not have his own men? President Obasanjo had his men. Late Yar’Adua had his men. Former President Goodluck Jonathan had his Ijaw clique .Why is Buhari different?

We all knew you cannot get anything done under Jonathan unless the ijaw clique approved it. The boss was Chief Clark. The memories should still be fresh. The Ijaw mafia, cabal ruled and explored and exploited the Presidency until Nigerians voted them out. If southerners could have cabal or mafia while in power, why not a northerner?

It is even annoying the way some idiots vilified Mallam Mamman Daura,a low profile Nigerian and a relative of the President .What crime has he committed by standing by his brother ? Is it a crime now to have your brother in the Presidency?

Daura has never appeared in any official functions of the president? He has never openly accompanied him on official events. He has never speak officially for the president .And he has remained off radar in most official activities of the president .Are we saying he has no right at all simply because his brother is the president?

Rumour mongers are busy falling over themselves to lie on how Daura determines everything Mr President does? They attributed every ill to the gentleman and painted the prolific journalist in all negative lights. Even those who had never met him have one negative words or the other to allege. Who is afraid of Mamman Daura?

And ignorantly too, people accuse Daura of being the godfather of the phantom Kaduna mafia. If there is Kaduna mafia, what law opposes its existence? Is there no Abeokuta mafia? Or Ogbia brotherhood? Who is afraid of Kaduna mafia? Or Enugu mafia?

Many analysts simply put up phantom assumptions and give it a life of its own. What mafia in an era dignity, honesty and anti-corruption are been enforced on the nation? If Kaduna mafia will bring infrastructure, developments and good governance, who cares about Kaduna or Abeokuta mafia?

We should leave Mamman Daura alone? Media propagandists should leave Mamman Daura alone. Looters of treasury, agents of corruption and parasites on state resources should leave Mamman Daura alone.

A man who has not responded to all allegations, a man who keep low profile despite attacks, a man who ignore abuse to support his brother underground should no longer be vilified. We did not elect him and he has never attempted to speak officially to us. Are we saying he has no right as a citizen to live his quiet life under the constitution?

Back to Kaduna mafia, those who are afraid should note that every section in a democracy has every right to scheme for advantage .As it is in Africa, so it is all over the world.

If Kaduna mafia exists, remember there are a powerful Yola mafia, Ilorin mafia and Lagos mafia. Why are we after only Kaduna mafia? Are we interested only in stripping Buhari naked? We want him barred from his own people? We want him to be hijacked by other mafia for their own selfish ends?

I don’t know what you think, but as for me, anything, any group that can bring good governance to the north and Nigeria, I support.

I am not afraid of Kaduna mafia when other mafias and cabals are flourishing in other parts of the country.

*Abdulahi, a retired journalist, sent this piece from Garki, Abuja. He can be reached on

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