Thursday , March 23 2023


Regional Coordinator of the West Africa Youth Conference Comrade Uyero Erarawewho called for the arrest of the Coalition of Northern Youth Leaders over the 1st October, 2017 Statement on Igbo’s.

Uyero who made the statement from Burkina Faso on his official visit to the Republic towards the setting up of the West Africa Youth Institute of Leadership and Conflict Management, has requested the State Security Service and the Nigerian Police Force to arrested the Groups of Leaders and Sponsors who sign the Declaration in Kaduna as the statement is a call for War between the North and East of the Country.

According to him, it is very unfortunate that respected Leaders of Youth congregated and  issued such statement not minding the consequences of their statement and outcome.

He said that the Federal Government should not keep a close eye over the statement as there have being killings of the Igbo’s in the North as forms of Christian and Muslims fight but this statement further expose the real intention of the Northern Youths as those who are involve in violence across Nigeria are not elderly persons but the Youth.

Uyero added that the issued should be treated without delay as it is an act of incitement which also encourage the public for disorder or crime, which is detrimental to public interest as mentioned in section 39(3) of the Nigerian Constitution including regulating sections 45 (a) and (b) of the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria.

He advised the Governor’s of the South East and elite of the region not to play over the statement as what ever happen from 1st of October, 2017 adding that all Igbo’s in the North should be constantly alert and that the military should give full backing including protection to all Igbo’s in the North.

The youth ambassador, however, called on those agitating for the Republic of Brafia to rethink and rather agitate for Restructuring of the Country for total federalism to allow every region to manage its resources as that’s the only way Nigeria can hold at the center.

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  1. I am surprise that the SSS has not arrested those Northern youth leaders who issued out such threat. Does it mean that the SSS is waiting for violence before make move to curb the situation? What are the Northern leaders doing in this matter?

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