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We will not like to join issues with you on the above published material which was published in your medium and shared by you across several social media platforms. But, these are political times and the person who fed you with the wrong information has gone ahead to use his cronies to rebroadcast the material as if it is, the true situation on ground.

The attack on the Reps Minority Leader and member representing Isoko Federal Constituency, Rt. Hon Leo Ogor was seen as affront on the psyche of the Isoko people who sees Hon. Ogor as first among equals. This is because, he is not only the pride of Isoko people, the people of South South but, the mouthpiece of true democrats in the Federal House of Representatives.

Ours is not to attack your style of writing but, to do justice to the fact that on the above issue, you have been misinformed and you, as a professional, failed to balance the story by hearing from the other side.
Hon. Ogor’s credibility in delivery of constituency projects to the Isoko nation which he represents is never in doubt as such projects dots across the nook and crannies of the Isoko nation. His opponents no doubt, cannot be happy with his sustained profile of positive representation and it is unfortunate that you have been used on this issue.

Hon. Leo Ogor ranks among the best among his peer lawmakers, his non-conformist tendencies and unapologetic passion and purposeful drive to make Isoko Federal constituency a model of progressive governance founded on the principle of quality representation has never been hidden or in doubt. He has demonstrated his sincerity of purpose through unusual commitment to life-touching policies, projects and programmes for his people. To demonstrate his avowed simplicity and humility, Ogor has also simplified, or, better still, demystified the Office of the Minority Leader through his personal example of a spartan life style that some say is unbecoming of the typical person of a lawmaker in recent times. Perhaps, nothing more, today demonstrates Ogor’s sustained bond with his people and hence his overwhelming approval rating than the fact that after he was re-elected to represent his people for a record fourth term, he still freely and literally walks the streets of Isoko with tumultuous reception and show of love by his people everywhere he goes.

Firstly, Hon Leo Ogor is not the owner of Quest FM as alleged by those who informed Fejiro Oliver with malicious lies. A detailed investigation showed that Quest FM belongs to Gregory Edoh, MD of (Gredor Nigeria Limited), a Warri based Marine merchant from Irri, Isoko South LGA of Delta State. Attributing it to Hon Leo Ogor probably because he is from Isoko was not a bad idea as any good project that concern funding could be attributed to him when the opponents wants cheap publicity. Of course, Hon. Ogor represents the Isoko nation and will happily identify with progressive Isoko sons and daughters. But, on this issue, he has nothing to do with the said project. We cannot also forget the fact that before he became a member of House of Representatives, God has endowed him with resources to embark on business ventures.

Informants of Fejiro Oliver also displayed their ignorance on the issue of constituency projects or deliberately tried to misinform the public. It has been a notion, and we have given this explanation severally against the belief that lawmakers are given certain funds for constituency projects. There is no such thing because, lawmakers don’t have such powers to collect any money allocated for constituency projects or awarded any contract, the projects are being executed by different Ministries, Departments and Agencies which also determine who gets the contracts.

It is instructive to note also that over the years Hon Leo Ogor as a true representative of his people, a man who feels the pains of his people has delivered several projects to ameliorate the sufferings of his people. The recent distribution of free educational materials to his constituents is a pointer to his good quality representation courtesy of Universal Basic Education Commission UBEC. Secondly the renovation of several dilapidated primary and secondary schools across Isoko Federal constituency of which majority are ongoing projects, why others are already completed.

On Niger Delta Development commission (NDDC), the lawmaker has equally influenced the construction of township roads, schools, bridge, street lights. Prominent among them is the construction of Enwhe bridge, Oyede township roads, Oleh streetlights, Emede, Ozoro, Oyede but to mention but a few.

Conclusively, this is a political era when opponents look for cheap means of scoring political points, Fejiro Oliver should not be willing tools to be used by opponents, he should, as a professional, diligently in the best tradition of good journalism re-confirm his source(s) of information, avoid bias and not to be used as a willing tool to pull a respected Nigerian down.
Hon. Ogor has a soaring political profile that his opponents who are mostly, political neophytes are afraid of. But, in politics they have to learn the ropes and my brother and colleague, Fejiro Oliver should be wary of such sadistic and rumour-hungry politicians for the sake of sane individuals seeing reports on Secret Reporters as authentic.

Akpodhoma Mike Mikoko
Press Secretary to Hon. Leo Ogor

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