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Our investigation has revealed that Mr. Ebisine Sylvester who has been acting since 2009, as the provost of the College of Education Warri, until date, has been enmeshed in bribery and corruption.

Findings reveals that staff of the college, both academic and non-academic staff has left the college in droves to other schools as a result of marginalization and intimidation.

More so, Mr. Ebisine has been ruling the college as a tyrant to the extent that he encourages bribery and corruption between lecturers and students, as students are threatened to pay money or else they will fail their courses.

We can authoritatively report that the rate of admission has totally dropped to the extent that some of the departments do not even have students. The provost derive pleasure in collecting money from students through his gangs in order to enrich themselves so that he can see money to bribe the Commissioner for Education, Jude Sinebe, Permanent Secretary and Chairman of the Governing council and his cabinet and other government top officials, alleged a source.

Multiple reliable sources have confided in Secret Reporters that, Ebisine had used five million Naira to bribe the former Commissioner for Education and Permanent Secretary in Asaba.

Investigations also reveal that in his quest to remain in power since he knew that a Governing council has been appointed in the college, he changed his model of operation and increased school fees both N.C.E and Delsu affiliation of the College and even gave both new and old students an expiry date to pay their school fees within 2 weeks or forfeit their admission.

The said fees which was formerly N78 ,850 was increased to N87.850 including screening fee which is N27,500 making it N114,350.000.
A source from the provost office revealed that the Acting Provost Mr. Ebisine is very desperate and is looking for money to bribe the chairman of the governing council Prof Samuel Aghalino and his members so he can be retained.

He has been the provost of the college after acting for good seven years and has been sending messages to all the newly graduated students through their coordinators in the college to come and pay for their clearance form which he increased from N3600 to N7600.We gathered that most students have started paying as a result of the threat.

Another source revealed that Mr. Ebisine has been told by the Governor to step down from the race of the provost because he has over stayed his tenure so what he is doing now is to plot how he can singlehandedly choose a candidate of his own choice for the chairman and the members of the governing council through bribing them with huge amount of money.

Reasons, he is urging all the students both old and new to pay their school fees, screening and clearance form with threat that anyone who does not pay will pay double of the payment, the source also stressed that Mr. Ebisine is very serious about the matter that he makes sure he presents someone for the governing council.

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