Wednesday , June 7 2023


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We have ran series of reports on the fraudulent events that has emanated from the Delta State College of Education ,Warri.
As the corrupt provost, Mr.S.S Ebisine continues in his fraudulent ways, we bring to our teeming readers, another part of the reports from our ongoing investigations.

Our Reporter in Delta State, who has been thorough in his report, unearthing the hidden facts which the provost has been hiding for too long, which is now in the public domain.

Secrets Reporters investigations shows that, for every fraud that takes place in the college, it is through the approval of the provost, which he consents to willingly due to the benefits he gets from such shady deals.

The ICT Director, Mr, O.A.C Inyama, who we had previously reported is not exempted from the ongoing fraud currently bedeviling the institution. Reports have it that, he collides with the acting provost to collect illegal monies from students through biometric, u-collect, OMR sheet for examination conduct and CBT examination, and also intimidates students and harass lecturers for biometric capturing.

Further investigation on Mr.Inyanma by Secrets Reporters is that he collects three thousand naira only (N3000.00) from each student in the college and from all programs including NCE Regular and NCE Weekend.

We have it on good authority that Mr.Inyanma has collected over twenty million naira from the students including money for identity cards, and one thousand naira each from students (N1000.00) for checking of results in the college cyber-café.

Mr. B.S Sanubi who is in charge of the college consultancy is not left out of this fraud mess as he has been collecting illegal money from those in business centers and also from students for school runs and girls harassment.
The Director of records, Dr A,I,O Ifediora is also a major player in the fraudulent business in the college as he is in the business of collecting illegal money from students for checking results, which each student must pay four hundred naira (N400,00) per session before such result is seen.

Secrets Reporters check reveals that, Mr J.J Abiri is also collecting money from students and award grades indiscriminately on pay as you get system and has been harassing girls who refuses to go to bed with him.

The man in charge of project coordinator, Dr H Ojogan before writing project as a final year student, you must part with the sum of six thousand naira (N6,000.00) before you see your supervisor which he is actually pocketing.

Mr A.I. Dittimiya, a coordinator in the college is defrauding students of the sum of three thousand naira (N3000.00) before you are given a teaching practice supervisor.

Watch out for more series of the corrupt practices of the College Provost with his accomplices on Secrets Reporters website.

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