Wednesday , March 29 2023


Comrade Olorungbotemi Tunde has urged the Federal Government to call it quit on the unfathomable and unexpectedly increment in Electricity Tariff from the Arbitrators and to the office of the MINISTER OF POWER, HOUSING AND WORKS, if there will be increment there must be stability in electricity in both rural and cities, NANC say no to increment in electricity tariff until we observed and experience equilibrium in electricity in this country and provide immediate move on creation of Job for Nigerian youths on this 2016 Budget, Nigerian youths are bitterly complaining the present situation of our dear country ruling presently by President His Excellency Muhammadu Buhari, Employment is rated by the masses at zero level.

A lot of Nigerians graduates are riding mono-cycle, after their parents struggled and suffered to send them to school, and there after they served their father Land, but their hopes and efforts were abortive and wasted.

Many of our graduates are found in the prison, when they struggle to become something and they couldn’t get through, They will finally involved in crimes, many are into scamming which tend to tarnish the image of the country in overseas.

Many have been killed but the government of the country because of the atrocities committed.Youths are crying of hardship and if the Federal Government fail and deviate to fulfill the promise made for Nigerian Youths.

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA COMRADES will nimble strongly and seriously against it with the support of the entire Nigeria youths.

*The change Nigerian youths needs is the different they voted for.

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