Wednesday , November 30 2022


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As Secrets Reporters continues its searchlight on the activities of the Delta State Government and its officials, we can report that, the Delta state Edumarshal vehicle is now in Abuja with nobody owning up to the disappearance of the vehicle from the state.

The former Executive Assistant to former Governor, Emmanuel Uduaghan, Stella blaize, who is alleged to have romance with Uduaghan, is one of the reasons edumarshals have been enslaved and she keeps claiming that she remains the state cordinator of Edumarshal and that it is her personal project.

edu marshall

Meanwhile, we gathered that, Stella Blaize has not returned the vehicles in her possession, rather she has scrapped off the “DELTA STATE” inscription which was written on the hilux vehicle, upon her return from abroad, and has converted the state vehicle into her personal utility vehicle in Abuja where she is now based.
Multiple sources disclosed to Secrets Reporters that, the Delta State Government have been asking innocent Deltans to work without pay, and have been hiding the true state of Edumarshal from this young able bodied men.

edu marshall 2

Besides the fact they have not been paid for over 5 months now, their regularization of appointments has been dropped.

Their appointment letter which lasted for a year and has come to an end since September 3,2015, yet they where asked to resume without any nod from the Ifeanyi Okowa led government, who has also refused to pay them their salaries.

Sources who reached out to us stated that, an independent committee should be set up for screening those who are Deltans and to know the true number of Edumarshal.

The commissioner for basic and secondary education, Chinedu Ebie had stated that, Edumarshal were not sacked yet their salaries has not been paid.

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  1. I se your vision to inform the truth. But John Eneh, are you really telling the truth or did someone pay you to just broadcast rubbish news. When you get arrested for deformation of character you will begin to say you are being witch-hunt. Okay, not even one comment of commendation. Please your news is not relevant. Even my 12 yr old niece builds websites – so no big deal about this site. If you are depending on your google adsense account for pay per click, you will never get such traffic. there are already too many fake reporters on the internet. anyway, best of luck in what ever happen to you.

  2. You are such a fake. You decide to write and you pick on the woman who has done nothing but brought happiness to people. You will soon get yourself in trouble. You know say no Oyibo woman. If you are bold show your face now and see what will happen.

  3. They are planning for you. Better hide. 2016 is going to be hell for you.

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