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Contrary to news making rounds that a medical doctor, Mr Okeoghene Edigba died after performing four surgeries back to back, SecretReporters can authoritatively report that the story is false and planted to sway people from the real facts.

Mr Okeoghene, a senior registrar performed only one surgery on the date of his death, fact findings by this medium confirms.

According to investigations by SecretReporters, the medical doctor died after a brief sex right in his office with his lover, Oghenero Joy.

A very reliable source confided in us that Miss Joy, a University of Benin (UNIBEN) student had gone to see his lover in the hospital, where he started complaining of back pain, which she helped him to massage.

They proceeded to have a quickie in the office. After the brief round of sex, we gathered that Doctor Okeoghene began to gasp for breath and fainted. This led to the girlfriend raising alarm for staff of the hospital to come to his rescue. He was rushed to the emergency ward, but gave up the ghost.

Further findings by SecretReporters revealed that Joy was handed over to Divisional Police Station, Ugbowo, by the hospital management. Realising the negative effect the sex in the office story will have on the hospital, squealers informed us that the Chief Medical Director (CMD) allegedly asked the police to release her, where they connived with the Association of Resident Doctors (ARD) to come up with a short press release, stating that Okeoghene slumped and died after performing four surgeries back to back, in order to paint the health sector in a bad light.

Calls placed to the hospital CMD were not answered as at press time.


  1. It is a criminal offence to publish falsehood just to sell papers, please do not drag a good name for a few naira notes, you published lies about Dr Afoke some years ago but we felt it was beneath us to confront you, but if you don’t retract the story or provide verifiable evidence this time I will personally ensure you pay huge sums in damages for this slanderous write up. You have been warned.

  2. May God punish you blatant Liars. Do you even know him? Bastards like you. May his spirit continue to torment you and your conspirators

  3. how can you be sooo cruel to the deceased and his family to say such debasing lies about him….this is pathetic


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