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The Department of State Security Services (DSS) may never be the same again, as information gathered by Secret Reporters revealed that not less than four hundred personnels have submitted their resignation letters.

A DSS official who spoke to Secret Reporters stated that the coming of Lawal Musa Daura as the Director General of the secret police has worsened their conditions. Contrary to popular belief that they are among the best paid among the security forces, our sources confided in us that the least educated person among them earns less than Fifty Thousand Naira monthly.

“The job is highly risky, stressful and salary very small. We stay with hardened criminals like gun runners, kidnappers, Boko Haram etc in our various cells all over the Commands in the Country but this very DG doesn’t care about personnel welfare at all like he cares to steal only for himself”, one of the source told this medium.

Another source who complained bitterly revealed that “our DG in the SSS is refusing to pay our allowances and personnel are about leaving the Service en masse. Help us, we are disgruntled”.

To prove their dissatisfaction with the DG and condition of work, we can report authoritatively that out of the four hundred officials who have submitted their resignation letter, seventy percent of them have paid the mandatory three months salary in lieu of notice.

One of the officials from the Northern parts of the country noted that that there are “no arrears even when promotions are done later than the scheduled date which is supposed to be 1st July, and which often gets done as late as December or January. Even when people pass out of the Training School, they are supposed to be paid but that isn’t the case with our Service. It will interest u to know that the Nig Police still does that but not our Service”

The DG is known to be very corrupt, running the service like a private security company. The DSS officials who are embittered with his lifestyle confided in us that he uses double vouchers to pay staffers.

“We know also that our salary is supposed to be like up to N100,000 for the least person but there are double vouchers now they are using to cut Personnel’s salaries. The least receives not up to N50,000 now”, he revealed.
Daura according to our investigations which was confirmed by DSS officials is very stingy with money and a womanizer to the core. According to our ever reliable sources, he had a bad record in service even before his retirement and was caught in various sexual acts with ladies while he was a Director in Imo State Command.

Almost all the money left behind by the former DG has been squandered by him, an action which led to problem between him and President Muhammadu Buhari.

Secret Reporters gathered on good authority that the DG who brought back by Buhari because he worked for him during the Presidential election was almost sacked but the reason why the sack was suspended is still unknown.

The highly informed source stated that they were happy when Buhari almost sacked him and wondered why he is still in charge. There are currently about eleven thousand DSS persons across the country.

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