Monday , March 27 2023


Secret Reporters

With the recent shutdown of Ahmadiyya Muslim hospital Ojokoro and the immediate intervention by the Ahmadiyya Mission to salvage the situation which has since restored normalcy to the hospital, more mind joggling revelations on how Mr Nasrullah Hamid has been running the affairs of the hospital like a personal business has emerged with many quacks set to be laid off by the new management.

According to insider sources, the former Medical Director, Nasrullah Hamid absconded the next day after the Health Facility Monitoring and Accreditation Agency (HEFAAMA) shut down the hospital following series of reports on the hospital’s activities by SecretReporters. His immediate travel outside the country we learned was not just to evade sanctions from the health care monitoring agency but mainly because of alleged embezzlement of about N30 million from the hospital coffers.

After a committee was set up to address issues regarding the hospital, a consultant, Dr Akinyele with years of experience was placed in an acting capacity by the Ahmadiyya Mission with the herculean task of investigating the activities of the hospital under the past MD, restructuring the hospital and bringing back its lost glory.

This move by the Ahmadiyya Mission opened a cankerworm to the quackery perpetrated under the nose of Nasrullah Hamid as it further revealed that in a bid to sanitize the hospital, all the staff members were asked to reapply. Findings carried out disclosed that the money periodically sent in by the Mission for the maintenance of the hospital were usually diverted by Mr Hamid as the MD has been running the hospital like some mushroom clinic with the aid of his Secretary Mr Bashorun Olotoye and his Interpreter whom sources alleged he has been having an affair with since his wife left the country with their kid.

“The Ahmadiyya community is really disappointed on the way he handled the hospital since the past 10/11 years. The mission is really putting so many things in place” stated our source who choose to speak on the condition of anonymity.

Interestingly, it was also discovered that the Hospital Secretary who previously stated that he only aids to performs surgeries as against claims by sources that he operates a hospital in Ogun state while acting as a consultant as well as performing surgeries in Ahmadiyya Muslim Hospital Ojokoro when asked to submit his credentials for scrutiny by the committee allegedly tendered a certificate in Herbal Medicine which he claimed he acquired from the Nigerian Council of Physicians of Natural Medicine.

However, Mr Nasrullah Hamid has since been summoned by the Ahmadiyya mission to appear before it to clear the air on the several allegations against him. It is also yet to be known if the regulatory agency HEFAMAA will pay another visit to the hospital as serious management shuffle and restructuring is currently on-going as at the time of filing this report.

This fresh development  has proven the authenticity of our earlier report on the medical assassins who rather than employing professional hands especially during surgeries resorted to using “Babalawo Doctors” to play with the life of innocent Nigerians.

When contacted for his reaction Mr Olutoye declined commenting stating that he was no longer working in the hospital. A call to the former Medical Director Nasrullah Hamid did not also go through as his known phone line was not reachable as at press time.

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  1. Am ver sure All this is not true. This press people ehn??

  2. Your story is not balanced and borne out Of vengeance from a staff of the hospital sacked or dismissed for negligence.
    Your informant had all the opportunity to inform the hospital management of the alleged issues but kept quite until she was dismissed from work and paid entitlement.
    I urge you to contact the hospital management as some of the issues raised are been looked into.

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