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With regulation loopholes still existing in Nigeria’s medical sector, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Hospital, Ojokoro, Lagos State which hides under the guise of a missionary hospital has proven that when it comes to sending patients to their early graves they are your nearest death-care service providers because over the years they have not just failed in carrying out their civic responsibilities of saving human lives but has also contributed exponentially to the mortality rate in the country largely due to their continuous lackadaisical attitude to human life, little or no medical experience and expertise coupled with their poor managerial skills, alleged sources.

Information reaching our news desk from reliable sources within the hospital disclose that not only is the Muslim hospital which is managed by a Pakistani now a death trap, it is also a hazard to the medical community in Lagos state as it direly needs complete administrative and staff overhaul with as many as 40 quacks currently on their payroll with the medical facility boasting of less than 15 professional which includes a matron who is not always carried along and the MD Nasrullah Hamid who is said to have studied Paramedics back in Pakistan.

A source who spoke on the condition of anonymity squealed to our correspondent that most times, when the MD has mismanaged a patient to the point of death then he will hand him or her over to the Nigerian Doctors or refer the patient to the General Hospital, Ifako-Ijaiye which has tirelessly complained about the Muslim hospital using them as a dumping ground for the lucky patients who manage to survive as the MD is alleged to have sent a lot of patients to their early graves.

“He only writes the same test and same injection for all of them. PCV, MP, RBS, Widal are the tests he writes for them. The patient’s that go to him for fertility issue, he writes for Hormonal Profile test, HVS m/c/s, SFA m/c/s and can’t interpret the hormonal result. He’s a one-way traffic person, and most patients believe because he’s an Oyinbo man, he knows better. “

“He’s routine prescription for all ailments are Diclofenac injection and Paraffin injection. Patients with known Ulcer, he still prescribes it for them, causing bleeding and almost death for some” stated our source.

Our correspondent further learned that the MD, Nasrullah Hamid is not alone in this medical assassination business as another Nigerian by name Olutoye Bashorun who happen to be the oldest staff as he has worked with the hospital for more than 18 years and claims to be an Auxiliary Nurse with the knowledge of the MD consults patients and even perform surgeries which usually result in complications and most times leads to the death of patients.

Mr Olutoye who also doubles as the Hospital Secretary, HR, and in most cases a surgeon and the head of account Hikmot Balogun who is not a certified accountant as she is alleged to have only managed to enrol in a part-time program but couldn’t finish due to her carryovers we learned are not just the ones that make decisions involving patient’s health and staff of the hospital but are also the ones who conduct interviews for new employees and detect their salaries.

More disheartening is the fact that over the years, the Lagos State Health Facility Monitoring and Accreditation Agency (HEFAAMA) that monitors hospitals and diagnostic centres, have turned a blind eye to the ruthless activities of the facility as they rarely visit the hospital in other to checkmate these nefarious medical assassins.

It is well known in the hospital that no one dares to question the MD as he intimidates people that want to speak up against him, claiming he has a valid visa to go to UK or Canada as he has since relocated his wife and only child (son) to the Great White North.

However, in a phone conversation with our correspondent when contacted for his reaction, the MD denied the allegations stating that the complaints on patients mismanagement was merely a matter of choice of service by some persons who visited the facility, while the hospital secretary affirmed that they had received such complaints from the General Hospital, Ifako-Ijaiye and had since taken measures to address the issues with their doctors after the complaint was investigated.

When quizzed on the allegations of the secretary performing surgeries in the hospital, consulting patients and acting in the capacity of a Human Resource Manager, the MD and the Secretary were surprisingly on the same page as the secretary admitted that he only assists in the surgery process most times during emergencies and also helps in the hospital’s recruitment process even without any qualification in Human Resource Management.

Also, in a contradicting statement by the duo, while the Secretary stated that HEFAAMA had visited the hospital this year, the MD clearly stated that the medical facility has not entertained any such visit from the Monitoring and Accreditation Agency this year.


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