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…SUG set for a show down with College Provost

Fejiro Oliver

Information available to us from the Ladoke Akintola University Teaching Hospital (LTH) says that the Medical Laboratory Science Students’ of the University have been banned from coming to the hospital for any form of practical.

According to our sources, the self acclaimed Acting Head of Department (Ag. HOD) Dr Oladosu O.R on Tuesday ordered the BMLS students to leave the laboratory for her and her students as she needed it to teach the resident doctors some laboratory procedures even though the lab according to our findings is not a training lab but a lab for emergency samples (crossmatching; a procedure required to check compatibility of blood before it is transfused. It is often an emergency procedure). 
The students refused to leave neither did they alter a word, until the MLS on duty told Mrs Oladosu that “only a MLScientist can give that order here”. This infuriated her, prompting her to call the attention of the Chief Medical Director (CMD), Sijuwola Oladele, who had a meeting with the CMAC, Dr Olakuleyin Olawale, the Director of Administration (DA), consultant and resident doctors, where we gathered from a source in the meeting that the CMD and CMAC had already concluded at the meeting that the DA should give the MLScientists involved queries and also order the students to vacate the hospital premises.
The DA declined and suggested that the students and MLS should be listened to, which was done, but it made no difference
Our source stated that “ A letter was sent to the Provost college of health sciences, Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso on 7th of March stating that the students were rude to a consultant therefore they should withdraw them from the hospital. A supposedly official letter was all over the notice board of the lab as if it was an internal memo. They did this in order to intimidate and incite the Mlscientists.”
The source stated that they were surprised to see the CMAC chasing the BMLS students out of the lab on the 10th of March. The students stood their ground and refused to leave the lab despite his threat of calling the police. They insisted that they were posted to the hospital by the university authority and only such authority can ask them to leave. They were later asked to leave the premises by the HOD of Biomedical department through a phone call. 
Armed policemen later flooded the hospital environment. The BMls students marched to the office of the Dean of student affair to report the injustice and then finally to the provost’s office where the Dean of faculty of Basic medical sciences was present. We however gathered from our sources that “They told the students a lot of fallacies. One of the stories was that, the students are supposed to be trained by doctors that mlscientists should only prepare the lab for the doctors for their practical session”.
After the session of ‘lecture’, they told the students to write an apology letter and undertaking that such would not happen again. The students refused to write the apology as they claimed no wrong doing. Insider sources states that the students are ready to stage a protest at the hospital gate and the state secretariat. The Student Union Government (SUG) of the school has thrown their weight behind them and threatened to make trouble if the MLS students continue to face intimidation.

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  1. I so much love dis Mls students God will see u tru for d clinicians beta fear humanity andGod else he will vent his anger on u

  2. Why would the students not respect the directive of the HODand temporary leave the lab for residents. This is gross insurbordination and it will do neither the students or their sponsors any good.

  3. Who is this Fejiro Oliver?? And what do u gain from consistently misinforming d populace? I'm sure the wise will see the twist in this doped story

  4. PLS CORRECT YOUR CAPTION! These are lab students not medical students ok! Only mbbs students who are doctors to be are called medical students. Medical students are known for their humbleness not insurbodination like these local lab students. They are not employees of the hospital but students from somewhere being allowed to enjoy the hospital facilities and they now feel too big to obey orders? This is exactly how their people johesu are. From inferiority complex to chronic insurbodination! Serves them right!

  5. There is an obvious distortion of facts in this story. Be that as it may the students has a class representative who should have immediately contacted an officer of equal ranking as the HOD who gave the orders. Fejiro believe it or not paint it in whatever colour their action is INSUBORDINATION. NO MATTER WHO IS INVOLVED WHETHER PROF OF MEDICAL LAB VS MEDICAL STUDENTS, The students got it wrong.

  6. This is not the way to train students against constituted authority. A word of warning: These same students will still turn round later to face those using them now to fight an unjustifiable course.There should be a code of conduct for every group in the health sector. There should be zero tolerance for unruly behavior.

  7. No authentic medical student will behave in such a manner and that is why I know your caption is wrong. Discipline is part of the professionalism for training medical doctors and every act of insubordination is handled with utmost seriousness. This should be emulated.

  8. Asking med lab scientists to leave d lab? Just like askin a surgeon to leave d operatin room! Wats wrong wit dese MBBS graduates? Can't dey just stick to their consulting rooms? This nonsense can't happen in developed countries, its cos its Naija sha. Dey won't get away wit dis

  9. You are a liar and a cheap shot! U clearely got ur story all wrong. Remember wat d bible says about liars? Get ur facts right and stop confusing ppl.

  10. U have gotten all ur information wrong. This isn't what really happened with the medical lab students and there was definitely no raid done by any police. If you continue spreading fallacies like this, u will surely be arrested. Mark my words.

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