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With the recent expose on the quackery and the continuous operation of a death-care center by the management of Ahmadiyya Muslim Hospital, located along the new Abeokuta Expressway, Ojokoro, Ifako Ijaiye, Lagos, Nigeria, more stories are beginning to emerge on how the MD Nasrullah Hamid in connivance with his first lieutenant, the hospital secretary Mr Olutoye Bashorun sacrifice patients on the altar of medicine with the professional aid of their quack auxiliary nurses.

In a heartbreaking story of a 39 year old woman who unfortunately was victim to the epidemic killers, SecretReporters learned from insider sources that the lady who hails from Cross Rivers State and was yet to celebrate her one year wedding anniversary with her beloved husband, Mr Osakwe from Delta State was rushed down to the hospital after she had a cardiovascular issue. The Nigerian doctor on duty whose name we could not ascertain attended to her and prescribed drugs with a treatment plan for the patient.

However, the auxiliary nurses on duty alleged to be mostly quack only administered some of the drugs and did not continue it to the end, they later took the patient’s card as we learned to the MD, who now wrote his usual pain killer injections, Diclofenac and Paraffin, administered it to the patient, and before an hour the lady was gasping for breath. This prompted them to quickly call for the Nigerian Doctor who quizzed if his earlier instructions and prescriptions were adhered to as he planned to stabilize the patient before referring her to LASUTH or LUTH.

With a nay answer from the quack nurses, before the doctor could get to the patient, she had died.

More disheartening was the fact that she was the only child of her parents, as staff members of the missionary medical facility lamented that her death could have easily been averted if only the MD had professionally gone through the lady’s medical file in line with known medical practice as they call on HEFAMAA to go through patient’s cards, including those that are dead to ascertain the level of quackery going on in the hospital.

Our correspondent further learned that the hospital Secretary as a co-conspirator in the quackery business also allegedly operates an illegal hospital in the outskirts of Ogun State not far from Lagos using the license of the professionals from Ahmadiyya Muslim Hospital as he usually visits the illegal clinic every Thursday which is his official off-duty day at his primary workplace to act as a consultant in the quack hospital

“That Olutoye can sell a patient’s kidney for money. Very dubious.” Stated our source.

When our correspondent contacted Mr Olutoye for his response on the allegation about the clinic in Ogun state, he denied owning or operating such clinic but rather stated that he has an uncle residing in Ogun State whom he usually visits most Thursdays and also has a networking business he engages in when his is off-duty. On the issue of the death of the lady, he promised he was going to check the hospital records to ascertain the credibility of the allegation but never reverted to us with his findings as at press time.

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  1. Dear colleague,
    I have read your stories but find it very disturbing that you did not get in touch with the Management of the owner of the hospital The ahmadiyya muslim Jama’at Nigeria.

    As a member of the Islamic organization, I have drawn the attention of our management to the development.

    Please note that the Ahmadiyya muslim Jamaat has health institutions across Nigeria.The Ahmadiyya hospital Apapa is one of the top notch provider of health care service in Lagos,Kano and New BussaNiger State. The death of any individual is highly regrettable.

    The Ahmadiyya muslim Jama’at globally is noted for good and quality healthcare services . You may google our new hospital in Guatemala-‘ The Tahir Hospital’ for the state of the art medical facilities.

    Be assured that The Ahmadiyya muslim Jama’at Nigeria will investigate this development with utmost urgency It deserves.

    Qasim Akinreti,Phd.

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