Tuesday , August 16 2022


Secret Reporters

Secret Reporters preliminary investigations in Federal Medical Centre, Asaba has indicted DR.Uwugiaren Nosakhare Jackson, who is the Chairman of the Association of Resident Doctors, Federal Medical Centre, Asaba, and Dr.Lancy Orhue who also works in the Surgery Dept of FMC, Asaba, and is also the Nigerian Medical Association, (NMA) National Vice President.

Our findings shows that, both doctors, with a host of other Doctors, who operate under the umbrella of the Association of Resident Doctors, have deliberately connived, conspired and accounted for the deaths of several Deltans, who found themselves at the mercy of the Federal Medical Centre, FMC Asaba and subsequently lost their lives as a result of the heartless, wicked, inhuman actions and greed of Dr. Jackson Uwugiaren and Dr. Lancy Orhue.

It has been uncovered that, Mr. Henry Osebia is one of those unfortunate souls whose untimely death was caused by the actions of this Association of Resident Doctors of Death at the FMC, Asaba, Delta state.

Reports has it that, Henry Osebia had just celebrated his 52 birthday a couple of weeks ago when, during his regular weekly check up, he discovered that his blood sugar levels has risen disturbingly.

Alarmed but not seriously frightened, Henry decided that he would see his personal Doctor after work to know what immediate measures to manage the high sugar level. He kissed his wife goodbye and drove his children to school, where he dropped them off before proceeding to his office, but little did he know that he would never see his family alive again.

According to eye witness reports, he was in his office, chatting happily with some of his colleagues, when he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his abdomen. He immediately doubled over and started crying for help and asking that someone should call his personal Doctor.

His colleagues, seeing how his eyes had suddenly faded and his breathing was coming out in labored gasps and spasms, quickly mobilized and carried him into one of their cars, which luckily had enough fuel and rushed him straight to the Federal Medical Centre, FMC, Asaba, where he was promptly admitted and given a bed in one of the wards.

He had barely settled down on the bed and a phone call between one of his colleagues and his personal Doctor on the next step to take was ongoing, when all hell broke loose in the Hospital, as Dr. Lancy and his gang of ARD death merchants quickly rushed into the wards and ordered the nurses to remove all the patients.

***The shady jobs and how they masterminded deaths of patients continues in our next report***

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