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Fejiro Oliver

Authentic information reaching us from the stable of the All Progressive Congress (APC) is that the joy of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) celebrating former EFCC boss, Nuhu Ribadu entrance may be short-lived, as they have merely planted him as a mole.

Speaking to this Newspaper, our source revealed that the meeting to send Ribadu as a mole to the PDP was hatched during the Murtala Nyako days when it was obvious that the impeachment will sail through.
Nyako is said to have told the party hierarchy that the only way to regain back the State was to send one of their members who is easily acceptable to the PDP and Nigerians. The source noted that following their plan, a presidential aide who has sympathy for the party planted the idea in the head of Hassan Tukur, Principal Secretary to President Goodluck Jonathan who had to convince the President to agree to Ribadu’s return and give him the ticket.
Hassan we gathered reminded the President on how Ribadu helped him to become governor by witch hunting his former boss, Alamasiegha through the probe of his corrupt practices which made him impeached, that later led to his (Jonathan) current elevation as President. He also convinced the President that where it not for Ribadu who brought corrupt dossiers against Peter Odili that made him step down as Vice Presidential candidate, he wouldn’t have been where he is today. After much conviction, Jonathan demanded that Hassan reach out to Ribadu and co-opt him into the race and fly the PDP banner.
The source further revealed that Nyako had to nominate Ribadu as his successor but through the PDP when he realized that his son, Abdul Aziz who has an eye for the top shot cannot get it following the impending impeachment. The game plan was to use Ribadu to become the governor and scatter the PDP in the State before defecting back to the APC.
According to our informant, the APC is currently in touch with Ribadu and the Presidential aide who sold the idea to Hassan. The source revealed that the refusal of APC to comment on his defection so far in negative light is because of the game plan they have successfully executed. When asked who is sponsoring the former corruption Czar, the source stated that Hassan is the money bag behind his campaign success so far.

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