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Exclusive documents obtained by Secrets Reporters has indicted the member representing Remo North State Constituency at the Ogun State House of Assembly, Hon. Adebiyi Adeleye of tendering fake certificates to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to be able to stand for Assembly elections during the last general polls.

In a letter written by the Remo Youths Association, which was dispatched to the Commissioner of Police, Ogun State Command, dated September 16, 2015, a copy which was sent to Secrets Reporters news desk, demanded that Adeleye be fully investigated and prosecuted for forging his O.level certificate and the Ordinary National Diploma, (OND), which he claimed to have obtained from Federal College of Freshwaters Fisheries Technology, New Bussa, Niger state.

ogun fraud 2

According to the documents in our possession; Adeleye lied on oath about his age, and made false declaration before the Commissioner of oath in Ogun State in December 2014.

Investigations revealed that in filling the INEC Form CF-001 (Personal Particulars of Candidate){Annexure A}, the accused alleged that he attended Ode Remo Community High School from 1986 to 1993, and that he has OND from FCFFT, Niger State, which as evidence of this, he attached a School Leaving Certificate {Annexure B}, and National Diploma examination result {Annexure C} instead of a certificate.

ogun fraud 1

Further inquiries made to some secondary schools in Remo North, which responses confirms what majority of Remo North citizens already knew, that the accused actually attended SAAPADE GRAMMAR SCHOOL from 1986-1991, as against his alleged claim to have attended Ode Remo High School from 1986 to 1993. The reason why he left SAAPADE in 1991 is known to the public, perhaps explains why the accused attempted to conceal and lied to INEC about the actual schools he attended.

The Principal of SAAPADE GRAMMAR SCHOOL confirmed that the accused was admitted into SAAPADE in 1986, JSS1(Class 1) and left the same school in 1991 at SS2.

In the forged School Leaving Certificate presented to INEC, purportedly issued by Ode Remo High School, it stated that the accused attended Ode Remo High school from JSS1 (1986) to SS3 (1993).

This is contrary to the information the Principal of SAAPADE GRAMMAR SCHOOL gave us as evidenced in the attached documents. Could the accused have attended two secondary schools at the same time between the same period of 1986-1992; the group queried.

ogun fraud 3

The principal of Ode Remo High School has been discovered to be an accomplice in this case, helping him forge and falsify the records.

The current Principal of SAAPADE admitted that, he was once the English teacher of Adebisi Adeleye at SAAPADE. There are also several Alumni members of SAAPADE whose name also appeared on the School admission Register with that of the accused, who are willing to testify that they were classmates at SAAPADE and were both admitted into JSS1 (Class 1) in 1986.

Findings shows that, he recently hosted the Old Student Association meeting of SAAPADE GRAMMAR SCHOOL for the 1986-1992 sets, which was held at the School premises on 1st of August, 2015.

ogun fraud 4

The Registrar of FCFFT, Alh. H.M. Baboko, confirmed that there is no such record in the archive of the School that Adebiyi Adeleye had obtained any certificate from the Institution.

Investigation on the school website also shows that “Fisheries Technology” is a SCIENCE course, as stated on the Institution website;, whereas the Adeleye claimed in his Secondary School Leaving Certificate to be an Arts Student, and presented an O-level result where he only did Art subjects and passed only Yoruba Language with Credit (C6).

It is surprising how he got admission to such Federal Institution to study a Science course with such result if not with a forged certificate, the group further asked.

In the year 2000, Adeleye claimed to have finished ND, but hard facts available to us is that, he was actually a full time photography apprentice at a local photo shop (TWINS/David photo) in his home town, Isara.

Adeleye’s claim to INEC, that he was born on 16th of July, 1974 (16/06/1974) but his original registered date of birth is 17th of December, 1974 (17/12/1974), found in his record with his primary school archive, Wesly Primary School, Isara, on the admission register of SAAPADE Grammar school and on his international passport proves otherwise.

If these documents seen by us are anything to go by; Adeleye may be tried according to Chapter 43 and 44 of the Criminal Code of Nigeria, which defines the offence of Forgery, as well as stipulates the punishment. The offence and punishment for perjury is also created by section 117 – 119 of the Criminal Code.

ogun fraud 5

The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria also states that a person is not qualified to be a member of the State Assembly if he has presented a forged certificate to INEC under Section 107 (i); {he has presented a forged certificate to the Independent National Electoral Commission.

…to be continued on Secrets Reporters

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