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It is almost a year now that the people’s Democratic Party in Niger state has being run by a caretaker.

This is alien to the Party Constitution and to all Democratic Practice all over the world.

Yet Prince Uche Secondus in collaboration with Dr. Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu have continued to perpetuate this illegality on the party.

First, at the expiration of the tenure of the former State executives, Dr. Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu unilaterally without consultations with major stakeholders nominated and got 7 member caretaker committee in place.

That caretaker committee midwifed the disaster of a congress that saw Senator Misau, a serial defector coming to Niger to perpetuate the most unimaginable electoral fraud known to man, sent electoral officers to LGAs to conduct congresses without result collation booklets, while elections were going on, Senator Misau ran away from Minna to God knows where- until 5 days later, he appeared in the PDP secretariat, Wadata House with his cooked up Results. The appeal panel has by then visited Minna and nullified the results in 8 LGAs after receiving an overwhelming evidence.

Less than 5 days after Senator Misau dumped PDP for the APC. 

Did Misau come to Niger to cause confusion in PDP? 

We ask Secondus and Dr. Babangida Aliyu are you working for APC or PDP?

In 2015 Dr. Babangida Aliyu started a crisis with President Jonathan and that crisis saw 5 PDP Governors dump the party, Dr. Babangida Aliyu starved PDP of Campaign funding in Nigeria, delivered Niger to APC and the Presidential election results from Niger are not a secret to anyone.

Today Secondus takes dictation about PDP Niger from Dr. Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu, no problem, but anything outside the party Constitution and majority approval is dead on arrival.

I repeat the question, Secondus and Dr. Babangida Aliyu are you working for PDP or APC?

A congress committee was sent to Minna to conduct state congress, the caretaker nominated by Dr. Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu in collaboration with Baba Shehu Agaie collected delegates’ tag and hoard it away until about 3 pm when delegates became agitated on sighting Baba Shehu with tags and they held him to collect them from him.

Who were they working for APC or PDP?

Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State intervened twice but Prince Secondus and Dr. Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu threw out Governor Ortom’s recommendation into the trash can, extended the tenure of the caretaker against the recommendation of His Excellency Governor Samuel Ortom.

Who  was Secondus working for? APC or PDP?

After series of apologies to Governor Samuel Ortom, Secondus and Dr. Babangida Aliyu reluctantly agreed to a new caretaker for 90 days headed by Dr. Akilu Indabawa and 6 others.

It took Secondus over 3 weeks to issue their appointment letters.

Who are you working for PDP or APC?

Less than a week to the expiration of Dr. Indabawa led caretaker committee tenure of 90 days, which expires on the 5th of February, 2021. No date has been fixed for congresses in the state and outstanding 8 LGAs nullified by the national working committee after almost a year of foot dragging and scheming that clearly fail if the plan is to Install a stooge.

Who is Secondus and Dr. Babangida Aliyu working for? APC or PDP?

Mr. Secondus and Dr. Babangida Aliyu ought to know by now that their plan to install a state Chairman, an APC stooge is dead on arrival. No sole administrator can be supplanted on the party in Niger state, It is dead on arrival too!

PDP members will resist such effort with every legal means.

Except Prince Secondus in collaboration with Dr. Babangida Aliyu are working for APC, fix a date for congresses in 8 outstanding LGAs and the state, let Members of the party elect their party chairmen at all levels. 

Dr. Indabawa has shown clearly he cannot achieve anything, especially that it is clear that he is hobnobbing with APC both in Kano and Niger.

Is Secondus working for APC too?

Yahaya Mohammed,

Concerned Member of PDP,

Niger State.

Twitter: @boyemdee

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