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In 48 hours, The caretaker committee set up to oversee the People’s Democratic Party (PDP)  Niger state will have its tenure elapse.

The caretaker was born after another caretaker that wasted 120 days doing nothing but causing confusion in the party and scheming to impose a chairman without the consent of the majority party members. It failed woefully! 

At the peak of their dictatorial schemings, even the party life size signboard in front of the party headquarters by-pass, Minna, was replaced with their “anointed” candidate’s large picture banner, they failed to install him as party chairman, woefully too!

The tenure of the last elected Executive committee expired almost a year ago and the party led my Secondus for selfish, dictatorial and incompetent reasons have continue to appoint one caretaker or the other, wasting precious time, resources and bringing the party into disrepute.

How does Secondus think outsiders will respect PDP when a common congress cannot be conducted to elect party leaders, yet Secondus wants people to believe he can lead opposition like PDP to victory.

Secondus has no capacity for anything other than self seeking, primitive aggrandizement and unnecessary power grab, he cannot lead any serious opposition to victory.

Opposition parties should be shining examples to the people in terms of rule of law and a nemesis to a ruling party.

Every single opportunity APC and Buhari has freely availed the PDP to shine has been blown and mangled by Secondus’s incompetence and lack of foresight.

  1. Pump price arbitrary increase 3 times
  2. ASUU Strike 1 year
  3. EndSars
  4. Buhari absenteeism 
  5. Insecurity 
  6. Dollar raise
  7. Hyper Inflation 
  8. Electoral Reform
  9. COVID-19 Pilferage 
  10. Labor Strike etc… etc….

Secondus doesn’t know that the mere failings of APC will not give PDP an automatic win.

PDP needs to come out forcefully, engage in peaceful protest always, engage in membership drive, go on international sensitization, speak out more on international fora, engage with locals, criticize loudly anti people policies and proffer better alternatives.

Aside Press statements which Kola does very well what again does Secondus does?

When last did Secondus go to meet with party members in states and local Governments?

When last did Secondus speak on insecurity?

When last did Secondus reply any correspondence from Niger to his office?

When last did Secondus led a Massive membership drive?

Talk more of Democratizing the party and abandoning dictatorial tendencies.

If Secondus was a smart opposition party chairman with competence, he would have heard even Buhari talking about retuning APC to the people at the grassroot. He said it in Daura, The era of bringing candidate from Abuja has passed. That is a ruling party talk more of an opposition.

Why does Secondus thinks he can impose a party Chairman on PDP Niger and then his Aid as Gubernatorial Candidate in 2023?

That is like passing the camel through the eye of a needle, if Secondus can walk on river Niger water then his plans might come to fruition.

Nobody will be against anyone aspiring to be anything within or with-out the party, but they can only be through a democratic, transparent and well organized channel and process. Not imposition by Secondus and his self it allies. Never!

Let Secondus sit in Abuja or wherever he likes, but he can never impose party chairman even on a ward or LGA not to talk of state level in Niger.

If his plan is to destroy PDP, we are very sure our Governors like Wike, Okowa, Ortom, and major Stakeholders like Saraki, Zaynab Kure, Hon. Achituwo, Hon. Nasko, Hon Ndako Kpaki, Kantigi, Dr. Zagbayi, Ibrahim Isiyaku, and many more will never watch him succeed.

Fix a date for Niger PDP congresses, let the party delegates vote who they want, that is the only sure way to succeed.

1 year wasted in the life of political party should worry any serious party member who truly wants the party to succeed.

Yahaya Mohammed (Sai Baba)

PDP stalwart from Niger.

Twitter: @boyemdee

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