Sunday , March 26 2023


Our attention has been drawn to an online news publication purportedly accusing some illustrious Ijaw sons viz Hon. Frank Omare, Chief Johnny Aribogha and Chief Boro Pudu as the sponsors of the Niger Delta Avengers.
This same publication made by one “secret reporters” dated 4th June, 2016 also alleged that members of the Niger Delta Avengers are domiciled in Ayakoromo to get arms reinforcement.

This is the highest exhibitionism of falsehood embellished with hateful propaganda. Though we are not the legal counsels nor spokespersons to the accused persons and as such not entitled to speak on behalf of them, we make this swift response as the report is but a calculated attempt to blackmail illustrious sons of Ijaw Nation and to launch another genocide against the good people of Ayakoromo community.

For the purpose of clarity, it is pertinent to note that there is only one Ayakoromo community in Burutu L.G.A and not in Bomadi L.G.A as falsely alleged by the report. It is an established fact that Ayakoromo community is a peace loving community that do not harbour nor encourage antisocial vices.

From our findings, Ayakoromo community has a record of driving any of its citizens whose presence constitutes threat and menace to the socio-communal stability of the community. It is only when such persons have repented, have been reformed and undertake to leave a moral life that they are integrated back to the community.

Despite its enviable timeline record of peace and law abiding lifestyle, Ayakoromo community suffered military bombardment on the 1st and 2nd December, 2010 under shaky excuses that one John Togo who was operating a militant camp 6 miles away from Ayakoromo hails paternally from the community.

The Nigerian Military regretted this genocide that led to the death of hundreds of people and destruction of over 2,000 homes and just a month thereafter the military started the rebuilding and rehabilitation of the community. Although it is half a decade ago, the psychological effects of this brutal massacre remains unmitigated in the minds of the Ayakoromo people.

We therefore recommend the reporter of this controversial publication to withdraw this unfounded report. We also advise the Nigerian federal government never to allow itself to be misinformed in security issues. As professedly the best military force in the African continent, we urge the Nigerian military to exhibit a high level of professionalism and not to dance to discordant tunes of some enemies of the Ijaw nation.

Signed for the Concerned Ijaw Transformation Ambassadors:

Amb. Arerebo Salaco Yerinmene Peter’s Jnr.
Executive President, CITA
Obiri Jonathan
Spokesman, CITA.

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