Monday , December 4 2023


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As Deltans prepare for the governorship election on April 11th, they have been warned forehand to prepare for four years of suffering and heavy tax payment by the All Progressive Congress (APC).

This warning was handed out during the daily sunrise live programme on Channels TV monitored by Secrets Reporters. Speaking for the APC, its Director of Media and Publicity, Dr Fred Latimore stated that once they are voted into power in the state, the governor will begin heavy taxation of the residents. According to Latimore, they are going to build roads which has already been built and put in structures to make people pay taxes through toll gates.

Speaking confidently of the harsh treatment that awaits Deltans, the APC clearly stated that its governorship candidate, Olorogun O’tega Emerhor will be a manager that will be dictatorial as he will make everybody do his will, without recourse to their input since he is more experienced haven worked in the banking and insurance industries.

According to Emerhor, they will bring in farmers from Zimbabwe or any other country to become farmers, whereas there are teeming youths who should rather be trained by tertiary institutions lecturers. 

The media guru noted that his principal will no longer be in charge of providing infrastructures for Deltans, but will bring in private partners, while his government will only provide policy and enabling environment to make it work. Speaking like a magician, the APC promised to turn the State into the next Dubai, using just 20% of the allocation to do all that Governor Godswill Akpabio did in Akwa Ibom State.

Ironically. while toll gates has caused hardship in Nigeria, it is currently a practice in Lagos State which is an APC zone and also used as a means of tax revenue in developed country. But how they hope to make Deltans remains a wonder to wait for if they ever mount the saddle.

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  1. Fejiroooooooo, you have started again, fighting for your Oga -Okowa. Small small oooo. The way you are going I am worried that you may get sick if your Oga loses the election this weekend o! People do not mind paying fair taxes as long as they can evidently see that their money is being used effectively by govt for their well being and their life is far better off. Nothing wrong with Public/Private initiative as long as the terms are fair to the people. Many western societies develop through public/private initiative. Fejiro, shine your eye well well and vote for Emerhor, your Oga has not got the relevant business expertise and sophistication to turn the dead businesses in Delta state, he is a career politician like Ibori and Uduaghan, who just wasted our resources for the last 16 years.

  2. In a world where security lalegry relies on intelligence and where the internet is vital to the quality of intelligence one possesses…In a time of cyber attacks and the likes, we have a senior security operative who doesn’t know what a website is or even his organisations website, yet we have Nigerians screaming that he should be pardoned! This goes to show how deep rooted our problems are in this country; it goes beyond bad leadership to uncritical followership. We are too emotional to do the right things and this is one of the reasons why we will never move forward. For those clamoring for an end to the OATT movement, i boldly say to you that you are all mediocres just like him and i suspect that the reason why you all are advocating that he be left alone is because you wish to get the same sympathy when your mediocrity is exposed too. Shame on us as a nation…Shame on you all for advocating for mediocrity based on senseless emotions…Shame!!!What is even wrong with us in this country? Jonathan grants pardon 2 unrepentant and undeserving rogues, Akpabio goes on a retarded spending spree and our security operatives are inadequate and loads more r happening…This is getting too much mehn!

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