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As an old saying goes,the name of the tortoise cannot be absent from moonlight stories. So does the questionable and fraudulent nature of the aides of Governor Okowa and his deputy will not be lacking in any scandal in Delta State

On November 22nd 2017, one of such shams happened at the PDP rally in Aniocha South LG where the Governor and his Deputy were in attendance and the acclaimed leader of the governor’s protocol team, Mr Temple Mudi reportedly collected all the monies meant for MCs and Journalists covering the event under the guise of “protocol”

Secret Reporters correspondent reported that it took the intervention of the Honourable Member representing Aniocha-Oshimili Federal constituency, Joan Onyaemechi Mrakpor to get renowned Mc Pastor Tos Powell and Sammy Fejokwu to agree to Mc the rally.

For over thirty minutes, the proud and ego-filled Temple Mudi was begged by the House Member to release the money meant for the MCs and Journalists who came for the event.

Secret Reporters gathered from reliable sources that the Protocol team, led by Temple Mudi are fond of collecting monies at events under the guise of protocol for themselves thereby depriving other units of such appreciation.

Our reporter also learnt that Mudi, who’s a very short man is leading the shortchanging charge in the Governor’s convoy alongside another truant with the name Daniel Okoh, holding sway in the Deputy Governor’s convoy. These two alleged crooks are known to be leading the criminal duty of shortchanging in the State government convoy.

Daniel Okoh who many persons are still wondering how he made his way to the Deputy Governor’s convoy has also recruited a like mind, Mr Arnold Gbe to abet and aid in his evil doings. Our sources revealed that Arnold was redeployed from the State Ministry of Higher Education to the Deputy Governor’s office. Daniel Okoh, having lost Mr Ovo (who’s now the right hand man to Temple Mudi in the Governor’s office) duly recruited Mr Arnold to fill the void left by Mr Ovo.

The two men according to our government house sources always impersonate DSS/Security Personnel by extorting organizers of events that the Governor and his deputy are in attendance by claiming to have the ears of the Governor and his deputy and as such, deceive clients and individuals of their hard earned money with the promise of swaying the two men’s decision to their side.

We can reliably confirm that Governor and His Deputy who are very passionate and concerned about the welfare of members of their protocol teams, are not aware of this nefarious acts by members of their protocol teams as the Protocol teams are the first to arrive the venue of events before the governor and his deputy. It is believed they use this time to perfect their criminal acts to the detriment of other units of the convoy.

Daniel Okoh is alleged to have been a truant right from his school days to joining the Delta State government and the Deputy Governor’s convoy where he’s now a serious workman because of the benefits of the job. The PDP rally took place at Aniche Primary school, Ogwashi Uku.

It was also disclosed that about a month ago, in a Church building/empowerment by Chika Ossai Foundation at Iselegu in Ndokwa East LGA, the Commissioner for Lands & Survey, Chika Ossai gave one of the protocol unit boys 50k for himself. On hearing this, Temple Mudi waited for Gov Okowa to leave the program venue and did not only forcefully collected the money from the guy, he also ran to harass the Commissioner for daring to give a civil servant working under him money when him the protocol boss was there.

In response, the Commissioner said “Please leave me. Have I not settled you”

The Commissioners for Information, Health, Transport, Science & Technology Joyce Overah and Water Resources were with their host (Chika Ossai) when Temple Mudi harassed him and non of them could say a word or caution Temple.

The Church building was dedicated by Chika Ossai’s Foundation to the church.

…to be continued.

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