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Unknown to Governor  Godswill Obot  Akpabio, while he is busy throwing money about and enriching some people, his home front is on a very hot fire politically and the heat emitted from this fire may consume his council chairman Hon. Nse Ntuen and the leader of his Legislative council Hon (Prophet) Paul Damian.

THE INK can authoritatively report that the seeming peace that was cosmetic in nature fell flat during penultimate Sunday’s presentation of a gift to the governor by legislators of the area during a church service at Methodist Church, Nigeria, Afaha Ikot Ebak in Essien Udim LGA where the governor attended. The councilors who had earlier tried to see the Governor but were blocked by the state Governor had mobilized themselves and was finally given approval by a worker in the church against the desire of the council Chairman, Mr. Nse Ntuen to see the governor to present their gift to the state Chief Executive. 

The Deputy leader of the Legislative council Hon. Ndifreke Dennis who represents Ukana East ward did the presentation of the gift to the governor on behalf of other councilors. Speaking while presenting the item to the governor, the Deputy leader of Essien Udim Legislative Council, acting on behalf of himself and other members of the legislative council appreciated the Governor for giving them the opportunity to serve their respective wards as councilors. The Essien Udim councilors informed the governor that they would have come to Uyo to tell him thank you but because the operations of motor cyclists have been banned, it has rendered them incapacitated as none of them can boast of a car to ferry them to Uyo the state capital.

The Governor who was shocked beyond words upon discovering that his councilors did not own cars was visibly embarrassed. But the report to the Governor that Esien Udim councilors had no cars had obviously embarrassed the Essien Udim council Boss Nse Ntuen who is said to have hurriedly met with some councilors and bribed each of them with one hundred thousand Naira with an instruction that they should impeach or at least suspend the Deputy leader of the House who addressed the Governor. 

Some of the legislators are said to have raised arguments on the illegality of attempting to impeach or suspend the Deputy leader arguing that the Deputy leader was directed to do what he did at Methodist church Nigeria, Afaha Ikot Ebak to do so on behalf of the councilors. Nse Ntuen is said to have insisted that the Deputy leader must go for having the guts to report to the governor that Essien Udim councilors don’t have cars.

Our political correspondent gathered that out of the eleven councilors in Essien Udim only four opted to carry out the chairman’s wish which led to a total collapse of law, peace and order in Essien Udim legislature council last Tuesday. Big trouble broke out when the four councilors led by the leader of the legislative council Hon (Prophet) Paul Damian attempted to nicodemously and mischievously suspend the Deputy leader Hon. Ndifreke Dennis without listing any sins of the Deputy leader. Majority of the councilors resisted the act thereby causing a stampede as members engaged in a free for all which led to the breaking of the two maces of the legislative council. In the same vein, the heavy presence of Police men, Army men and other security institutions in the Legislative Council did not deter the breakdown of law and order in the Council.   

Majority of the councilors who are insisting on the stay of the Deputy leader queried why the Deputy leader should be suspended for standing up to the right of the councilors. The aggrieved councilors however posited that they will ensure the impeachment of Mr. Nse Ntuen and the council leader as soon as possible. About seven of the councilors who jointly addressed  THE INK reporter shortly after the Nigerian Vs Ethiopia match last saturday informed that they have already collected and compiled signatures towards the impeachment of the leader Paul Damian whom they described as Nse Ntuen’s stooge and an incompetent man who is unfit to lead Essien Udim legislative council.

The aggrieved councilors while describing Paul Damian as spineless maintained that it is unfortunate that the leader of Essien Udim legislative Council could call for a sitting just because he wants to impeach or suspend a man who was bold enough to speak on behalf of his colleagues . They wondered why the leader could not call for a sitting of the House who has not sit for more than six months now. 

The aggrieved councilors numbering seven have vowed to ensure that Nse Ntuen is made to account for his financial recklessness since according to them, the council boss feels he can use their head. The councilors stated that left for Nse Ntuen alone, they would not have had access to the governor but for a good church worker there, they were able to state their case to the Governor.

While maintaining their stance on the looming impeachment of Nse Ntuen, the councilors stated that Nse Ntuen should count his days as they will ensure he is thrown out.    

Essien Udim councilors have however called on the state ALGON to begin a search for a new ALGON chairman as their determination to unseat Nse Ntuen whom they described as a money launderer is total and on course.

Source : The Ink

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