Monday , November 21 2022


…Ngige sets to go to court


The Anambra State election which result is yet to be released we gathered has already had a winner before the registered voters went out to cast their votes. According to an impeccable source, a plan was hatched by the ruling All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to stop every observer who will be ruthless in capturing details of the election.
One of such observers we can report were the members of Justice and Equality Organisation, known for their doggedness in monitoring elections with spy cameras and hidden gadgets, possible at capturing details from miles apart. According to one of our source, the PDP and APGA aware of their presence in Disney Hotel, Owerri, Imo State, where they had gathered to educate their members, alerted the security forces to clamp in on them, and label them illegal observers.
True to plan, the police in Imo State swamped in on them and rounded them up; taking them to the station where they have being detained till this moment. The observers we gathered were legally registered to cover the election and report their findings. The source also told us that they were sponsored by Nigeria most technology savvy governor, Rauf Aregbosola of Osun State. The observers were the people that secure victory to Rauf through the court by tendering concrete evidences in videos, audio, pictures and writing before the court, which showed that the then Action Congress candidate actually won the election.
“Their plan was to capture all manners of rigging in the whole local government, hence their numerous numbers. Did you see any observer with such numbers like the Justice and equity organization? That is because they have put everything in place to expose all the areas which APGA and the PDP will rig. Now that they have successfully kept them away from the election, APC can never win the election”, stated an impeccable source.
We also gathered that electoral materials were purposely delayed being brought to APC stronghold, to enable a spill over to Sunday, when people will jettison the election for church services. This plan we were told by sources was hatched on Thursday night in an undisclosed location.”How can INEC say that Idemili south and North do not have electoral materials, yet they were available in APGA and PDP areas? They had all the money and time in the world to prepare adequately for this election, yet someone is acting out a game plan. You are a journalist Fejiro. Please investigate this and you will realize what we are saying is true.
A source within the Ngige Campaign Organization stated that Ngige had no choice but to pull out of the election, knowing full well that no serious Christian will leave his God for an election. The source wondered if Prof. Attahiru Jega of INEC can fix election on a day set outside for muslim, describing it as an affront and embarrassment to Christianity.”Even if Ngige didn’t vote yesterday; he won’t have voted today, knowing that he must keep the Sabbath day holy”, the source stated.
When asked if Ngige will head to court, the source exclaimed “Yes, we are going to challenge this technical fraud and rigging by INEC and APGA. Other sources within the Ngige organization revealed to us that APC have begun the compilation of all materials that will be filed before the court.
Unofficial results compiled by us reveals that the APGA candidate, Willie Obiano has won with a very high margin, followed by Tony Nwoye and Chris Ngige. The labor party candidate, Ifeanyi Ubah came a distant fourth.

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