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Eneh John

Reliable sources have confirmed to Secrets Reporters news that the dean of the faculty of law, University of Calabar (UNICAL), Professor Ndifon Cyril last week Saturday, 5th September, 2015, raped a 400level student in law faculty from the university.

Our findings reveal that, Ndifon had turned his office to a sex haven and brought the faculty under his personal control where he was the lord of the manor with his randy styles where all styles of bedmatics are practiced on his desk and seat. His favorite is sitting on his rolling chair with his victim on top, his eyes dreamily closed while he savors their honey pots.

Reports have it that, professor Ndifon had given a continuous assessment test to 400level students in the faculty. While the test was ongoing, he went to his victim’s and tore her script and requested that she should walk out of the test hall, which she did.

Ndifon told her to come to his office and write her own test which will be under his own supervision, as his usual custom of feasting on his prey. The victim, Miss Nkang whose full names we cannot disclose due to the stigma associated with such in Nigeria went to Ndifon’s office to write the test as he requested, and there she became a rape victim.

When Nkang went to his office as demanded by him, he tore her cloths and pants in the struggle to get in between her legs and raped her in his office. Confirmed reports have it that Ndifon had used a condom in raping Nkang, but later pulled it off and went skin to skin with his victim, so as to savor her honey pot well.
Upon crying and leaving his office, she immediately contacted her parents who are lecturers in the University of Uyo, who told her to contact the state police CID.

Nkang contacted the police on the instruction of her parents, and a test was conducted on her which proved that she was raped. Ndifon was arrested where he’s cooling his feet in detention at the state Criminal Investigation Department in Calabar.

Further investigations by our reporter who spoke with some present and former students of the faculty of law confirmed that the notorious Prof. has been in the business of harassing girls and threatening them that they won’t go to law school if he doesn’t have sex with them. He always had his way, with hundreds as census counted by him already.

It has been confirmed also that the Vice Chancellor of the University of Calabar, Professor James Epoke has been trying to play down the rape case due to the robust relationship Mr.Ndifon enjoys with him which he is trying to shield Ndifon from been prosecuted.

We gathered that, the police have discovered a course mate of Nkang and one of the lecturers in the faculty, Mr.Mike Otu who have been placing series of calls to the victim and have threatened the girl that she won’t go for law school if she doesn’t stand down the matter.

The victim’s parents had petition the council of legal education and also dropped a copy of the petition with the VC, which the senate of the university deliberated on Tuesday and suspended Ndifon from all academic and administrative activities.
The university of Calabar senate has placed Ndifon on half salary and has appointed Dada as the Acting Dean of the faculty.

As at the time of filing this report, the Council of Legal Education has suspended Ndifon from practice. We gathered that, Ndifon’s wife is a marriage counselor while the husband continues his romance with young girls in the faculty and has used his position as the Dean of the Faculty of law to victimize both male and female students who doesn’t comply with his demands.

Former students of the faculty who spoke with our reporter could not hide their joy as they were celebrating the fall of Ndifon who is notorious for sex in the faculty and has been playing the ethnicity card in the faculty with his master, Professor Epoke.
It was a celebration galore at the faculty of law as female students expressed happiness that nemesis has finally caught up with him.

Stay in touch as Secrets Reporters continue its investigation and keeping tab on the case as it goes to court.

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  1. Comment:which jail. someone that I met at the faculty today. he is not even shameful

  2. I just hope that justice will be done in this case.

  3. Chris Dele Masha

    This post ought to have been deleted by now, since the truth of this case has been verified to be falsehood and the victim indeed cannot ascertain the fact of this matter. So dear publisher, kindly delete this post, as your so call story is nothing but falsehood. Prof. Cyril Ndifon has long been reinstalled as the Dean of the faculty of Law, University of Calabar…… Verify your fact before broadcast. Thank you.

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