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Mr Egbo Victor


Secrets Reporters

That there are many persons with bad records, ranging from criminals, murderers, certificate forgers, and looters such as Mrakpor Peter, Nkem Okwuofu, Pascal Adigwe, Mike Okeme and host of others, whose past records we are current investigating abound in Senator Ifeanyi Okowa led government; we can authoritatively report that an investigation that spanned one month revealed that one of his Special Assistant on Youths and Community Development, Mr Egbo Mudiaga Victor alias Last Mugu forged some of the documents currently in his possession, as well as lied under oath.

Egbo despite being an SSA to the governor has refused to relinquish the position of Isoko National Youth Assembly, against the rules of the youth body, this medium learnt; rather he designated the 1st Vice Chairman to be acting in his place till he is back from his political sojourn.

His Curriculum Vitae in our possession detailed his academic qualifications as finishing from Delta State Polytechnic, Ozoro, from 2012-2014, bagging a National Diploma in Business Administration, as well as finishing from Delta State University, Abraka, from 2010-2011 with a Diploma in Computer Operations.

Investigations however revealed that they are all forged. Various search in Delta State University unveiled that they do not offer any diploma in Computer Operations under the name DELSU Consult.

Contrary to his claim that he finished from the State Polytechnic, Secrets Reporters can report that as the time of filing in this report, he ought to still be in school, but this cannot be, since he has been expelled since 2015. In the State owned newspaper publication, The Pointer of Wednesday 17, 2015, he was among those listed by the school as kicked out from ND II for engaging in examination malpractices. His name was number 115 with Matriculation number DSPZ/SBS/12/31284.

He was impeached today by a 27 man executive of the Isoko Youths National Assembly, following a petition written to them by a group known as concerned Isoko youths.

It remains to be seen how Gov. Okowa will treat the case of the 29th January, 1975 born SSA forgery and examination malpractice scandal that will stain his government since he attended his wedding.

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  1. Wednesday 17th, 2015. the month is not indicated.

  2. Issues every where,Nigeria most better.

    Our attention has been drawn to a baseless, infantile, jejune, laughable and mendacious online publication on 18/11/2015 by targeted at tarnishing the hard earned reputation and good public image of Hon. Egbo Victor by accusing the Senior Special Assistant to Delta State Governor on Youth and Community Development who is also the president of Isoko National Youth Assembly (INYA) of certificate forgery and perjury.

    The animal in man gives endorsement to jealousy and envy, these two is all you need to live a frustrated life until insanity takes a better part of your brain and becloud your sense of good reasoning because who God has lifted, no man can pull down.

    So, Initially, we decided not to dissipate energy and wasting precious time responding to such unfounded allegations for lack of facts, credibility and merit.

    Nevertheless, it has become imperative to put the records straight and urgently so before these faceless mischief makers masquerading as “secretsreporter” mislead the general public especially the teeming supporters and friends of the highly respected Hon. Egbo Victor both at home and in diaspora.

    First, they accused the Isoko youth leader of acting ultra-vires and flouting the rules of the Isoko National Youth Assembly (INYA) by refusing to relinquish power upon his well deserved appointment by the State Governor.
    The distractors further lied that a 27-man executive of the youth body impeached him following a petition forwarded to them by an abstract group again masquerading as “CONCERNED ISOKO YOUTHS”.

    Apparently playing the ostrich, these unidentified accusers also alleged that he forged his certificates from the state-owned polytechnic and university in Ozoro and Abraka respectively.

    In responding to these allegations, we are filled with mixed feelings of pity, shock and happiness. pity because of the display of arrogant ignorance that has beclouded their reasoning, shock because they have disregarded the law and the attendant grave consequences of libel, criminal defamation cum assassination of character, and happy because Hon. Egbo Victor has been vindicated even by his former lecturers and fellow students long before this rejoinder.

    However, just for clarity sake, upon his deserved appointment as the Governor’s Aide, a meeting with the Isoko Development Union, the Isoko National Youth Assembly and other stakeholders in Isoko was held where it was unanimously agreed that the efficient Hon. Egbo Victor should remain the youth president while the vice president was designated to act on his behalf except where his presence is needed and or indispensable.

    Similarly, we consider it not only a comic relief but the joke of the century when we read that a 27-man executive members impeached Hon. Egbo Victor. It was even more comic because we read the article together with not fewer than 12 indispensable key executive members including the Secretary General, the Treasurer etc and we all laughed uncontrollably at their feverish hallucinations and daydreaming.

    The height of their miscalculation was when they accused him of forging his certificate and lieing on oath. Aside the poor construction and serious grammatical blunders in the said publication, the reporters quoted vague, misleading and unverifiable sources such as “Wednesday 17, 2015” and the month wasn’t stated. Anyways, we do not have the luxury of time to dabble into frivolities as it is absolutely meaningless to join issues with anonymous miscreants, but one would have expected these junk illiterate reporters to emphatically state that their sponsors have verified the authenticity of the results as submitted by Hon. Egbo Victor from the mentioned institutions because there is no other reliable source of verifying results except from the awarding institution.

    Hon. Egbo Victor in his magnanimity and leniency, is demanding the immediate retraction of the said article and an unreserved apology that must be handed over to him and published in all the national dailies with 48 hours of this rejoinder.

    Finally, we want to thank all those (including his lecturers) who have come out to vindicate Hon. Egbo Victor on virtually all the social media platforms where this pull-him-down apostles disseminated their hurriedly orchestrated mischief.

    Who God has elevated, no man can pull down——In fact, God will prepare more tables of upliftment for him in the presence of his enemies.

  4. Having gone through this, it is pertinent to state that this medium should try as much as possible to live above sentimental journalism. Sentimental journalism deforms the populace instead of informing and building them educationally, psychologically and otherwise.
    There are so many journalistic abnormalies in this article. The earlier we engage in objective journalism, the better for everyone.

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